Galdi S.r.l. - Filling Technology

RG Series

Dedicated to the filling of milk, yoghurt, cream, milk based products and fruit juices, Galdi RG series machines are suitable for the packaging of all types of liquid and semi-liquid products sold in gable top cartons.

The extensive product range guarantees machines suited to the filling of all types, sizes and shapes of gable top cartons on the market.

Highly flexible and able to adapt to quick product and size changeovers, the machines in the RG series enable any requirement to be promptly met.


For pasteurized milk and dairy products, liquid or viscous, as well as beverages. Superior hygiene standards and working times are guaranteed thanks to the automation of some of the phases, such as automatic cleaning of the dosage area, thus enabling...

ULtra Clean

Designed for pasteurised ESL (Extended Shelf Life) products and for very sensitive and vulnerable foods requiring stricter hygiene and safety standards, such as liquid eggs. The model also features optimised operating and cleaning times, hence reduci...

Hot Fill

For products with a shelf life of between 8 and 12 months. The filler ensures perfect sealing even at temperatures of between 80° C and 90° C (176-194° F), ideal for sterilizing cartons. In the HF version, the filling machine guarantees the same stan...

Warm Fill

For very acidic products, such as wine. Filling temperature range between 30° and 50° C ( 86-122° F) is constantly monitored, to ensure the correct filling temperature is respected, as required by the client.

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