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    Galdi, the invisible touch

    From raw materials to finished products a delicate, multi-faceted passageway involving vital, often invisible inputs
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From team building to corporate welfare policy definition - this is the C.A.R.T.A. project.

It all started in 2015. A team including representatives from each company department met together and took part in a "joint creation" game to answer this question: "How should an ideal team sound like?"

Some key values emerged from this brainstorming which have since then been adopted as a manifesto for our corporate meetings and discussions. Later, the same values extended to the whole company, became the basis of a shared identity and started to be used also in our approach towards third parties.
Today, Galdi's values have become much more - a set of initiatives included in the C.A.R.T.A. project, the title of which is an acronym for 5 principles:

CREATIVITY as open-mindedness and ability to "think out of the box" (the best ideas often hide behind the curtains).

LISTENING (Ascolto) as respect of the other's opinions and empathy (you learn and improve when you listen and ask, you understand someone better when you put yourself in their shoes).

RESPONSIBILITY towards your team and your clients (trust is all about fairness, and fair conduct involves responding for your actions).

TERRITORY as pushing a culture of dialogue and relationships beyond your workplace and contributing to the welfare of your area in a proactive way.

ACTION as a dynamic approach which allows you to turn projects into actions and ideas into solutions.

The C.A.R.T.A. project has already generated a number of initiatives: among others, education-supporting events, special terms for employees, the development of the Family & Work project and, more recently, an Open Day.

Little big actions in connection with each principle are brought about to improve the welfare of our company and our area and are featured in a logo which shows a large tree as a symbol of shared views and growth.




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