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  • Galdi, the invisible touch

    Galdi, the invisible touch

    From raw materials to finished products a delicate, multi-faceted passageway involving vital, often invisible inputs
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Lawfulness, transparency, ethics, fair conduct - these are not only the basics for a healthy society, but also the best way to grow and work.

This is why we have chosen to adhere to the initiative promoted by the Italian Antitrust Authority(AGCM) and by the Italian Ministries of Justice and the Interior endorsing the adoption of ethical principles in company behaviour and awarding prizes to the companies which have proved the most virtuous in their financial and legal management.

Galdi has been awarded a star and a + in the Legality Rating, a score that marks the respect of stringent requirements involving no convictions, no pending proceedings or sentencing in administrative, tax law or judicial matters.

This is the first of a set of actions that we are undertaking to support our company responsibility and commitment to ethics and all-round transparency.

It is also a loud and clear message we want to spread around us: where lawful conduct wins, everybody wins and work runs smoother!

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