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    Galdi, the invisible touch

    From raw materials to finished products a delicate, multi-faceted passageway involving vital, often invisible inputs
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At Galdi we have made providing the highest possible quality our mission, and something we insist on both internally and externally. 

Through a program of analysis, prototyping and control we have attempted to optimise our relationships with our suppliers so as to actively involve them in our processes and create improvements all round. We shared with them our philosophy, listened to their advice and made our experience and methods available to synchronise with these partners in the most effective and efficient way possible. 

So, what have we achieved?

First of all, by analysing our working processes we optimised the selection of supplier for each individual component based on work phases, timing and costs.

By listening to the difficulties and problems faced in the construction of the components we have been able to render both the work of our suppliers and our own work simpler and more precise. This has been done by investing in new 3D design programs and methodologies which has enabled us to provide better and more detailed technical drawings while producing official assembly manuals for our workers on the assembly line. 

These actions have resulted in a significant reduction in delivery times and in supply errors which for us means better and more efficient assembly and for our clients means even better performance from our machines. 

Some facts and figures:

•    Non-compliance in assembly and testing documentation: reduced by 60%
•    Non-compliance in construction drawings: reduced by 75%
•    Non-compliance in in components: reduced by 40%
•    Delivery of materials from suppliers: reduced from 7 to 5 weeks

And this is just the beginning! We are actively working to provide even better quality, to make our suppliers even happier and our clients even more satisfied!

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