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  • Galdi, the invisible touch

    Galdi, the invisible touch

    From raw materials to finished products a delicate, multi-faceted passageway involving vital, often invisible inputs
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A day with Alice


· Name


· Surname


· What do your friends call you?

Elic (with a “ch” sound at the end)

· How long have you worked for Galdi?

10 years (since June 2007)

· What is your current role?

I’m in charge of production programming and internal finishing (metalwork and mechanics)

· What exactly does that involve?

Planning of the production departments, of the metalwork and mechanical departments. I coordinate the work from order arrival to shipment. I coordinate between the departments working on the order and work with the Team Leaders from the other departments to plan the work load on the production lines, the testing bays and so forth as well as trying to solve any issues that come up and organising the day-to-day planning of the production areas.

· How did you find out about/start working in the company?

I researched the company when I found out I was being sent for an interview. I came from a different sector, a small family-owned company producing bread and cakes. In that company, I did a little bit of everything, purchasing, invoicing etc. I came to Galdi in 2007 and started working in the purchasing office.

In 2013 I took charge of the efficiency project for the metalwork and mechanics departments (which we completed in 2014/2015). After a break for maternity leave I came back and was given my current role. This was because the company recognised the need for a coordinator between the various departments and as I knew the departments well and had a good idea how to improve them by working with the various teams, they gave the job to me.

There have been some difficulties, for sure. For one thing, my background in the classics and public relations didn’t at first seem the best fit. This makes me a bit of a test case, showing that even without having the full technical qualifications, given the right conditions a person can rise to a challenge and deepen their knowledge and abilities.

· Tell us 3 things that you like about Galdi?

The fact that the staff is very young which makes interaction and building relationships outside the office easier, inside and outside the office.

The fact there is no fear of change: No one here is afraid of new things

Good working relationships with people: As a woman in what is a typically male environment my position is very important. I was welcomed without issue and have been respected and my needs taken into consideration. Here your abilities count for more than your gender.

· What are the differences between working at Galdi and working in other companies?

Acceptance that mistakes can happen. If someone makes a mistake they are not shot at dawn but rather mistakes are used a chance for growth and improvement.

· What is that part of your job that you like the most?

I love all aspects of my job because I am in the centre of everything and can work with all of the different departments. I enjoy coming up with timely solutions to overcome problems.

· What is your approach to challenges?

Positive, I see challenges as a chance to grow.

· How do you see the future in your field?

I think that there will be ever greater automation, not only in the filling machines but also in the management of processes and production.

· Now for some personal information: What do you like to do in your free time?

I love crafts because making things relaxes me. I make accessories in leather and felt and do craft projects with my daughter. Because of this I play a big part in the Christmas markets and the school! And I always listen to lots of music.

· How far do you live from the company?

5 km

· Tell us three qualities and one weakness

My weakness? I’m stubborn



Open and accessible

· What is the thing that makes you happiest in the world

Music! Mainly rock and reggae. But I really don’t like pop or disco music!

· Favourite dish:

Hamburger! And beer of course!

· How do you see yourself in five years time?

I prefer to think in a shorter timeframe… so I’ll let fate answer that one!

· Do you like your colleagues?


· One last question: If Galdi were a football team, what would you motivate them with?

Dai che jea famo! (dialect for “we can do it!”)

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