30 März 2023

FILL Good's packaging development consulting services [translations pending]

Galdi's experience and FILL good's packaging development consulting: together to offer the most comprehensive support for developing your Gable Top packaging projects.

Thanks to FILL good, we can combine Galdi’s Gable Top packaging experience with the know-how of FILL good's specialists in the areas of packaging development and food safety.

The goal is to provide total support throughout the development of new packaging lines and systems, delivering added value to every project through a range of specialised consulting services tailored to your individual project requirements.

We are on hand to share our packaging and processing know-how, also in terms of environmental impact and sustainability (e.g. recycling management), with manufacturers who are using Gable Top cartons for the first time.

But we also help customers evaluate product/pack compatibility, identify the most suitable packaging and validate the shelf life of their product.

Moreover, for products that have never been filled in Gable Top cartons before, we can offer a range of essential tests and services.


In their day-to-day interactions with customers, FILL good specialists provide advice and insights in the area of packaging development.

However, some of our recent projects required more research and support by Galdi and FILL good.

Let's have a look at a few of them:


Galdi and FILL good provided all-round advice and technical support for the launch of the first Gable Top water in Italy (Fonte Margherita) and in Greece (Theoni).

The work of our skilled experts included the following: filling tests using different types of paperboard and caps (with or without membrane), microbiological tests on filled products, drawing up shelf life validation protocols, check-lists for operators and sharing of best practices.

FILL good helps customers transitioning from plastic or glass to Gable Top carton packaging and in creating new lines (e.g.: Metropolitana Milanese in Italy and several manufacturers in South Africa) on a daily basis.


We advised Molino Rossetto and Grands Moulins de Paris (first Gable Top flour in France) on flour packaging.

Flour in paperboard containers definitely offers an opportunity for market differentiation.

On top of that, Gable Top cartons have the advantage of being robust and practical (cap closure).

To make the product even more visually appealing on shelf, we designed a cone-shaped pack that was to resemble a classic flour container, which also had to meet exact size requirements (volume: 750gr, height: 22cm).

Along with flour, we provided advice on other granular and dry food types too.


For the installation of an oat milk packaging line, we offered comprehensive packaging advice to Food IQ, who were using Gable Top cartons for the first time.

FILL good specialists advised the customer on the products that could be filled and their potential shelf life.

They assisted them in choosing the most suitable cardboard and cap type and also provided graphic support based on specific regulatory and technical requirements (e.g.: sealing).


Thanks to Galdi's experience in packaging a variety of food types, we can offer advice on the most suitable cardboard types for your product and on the relevant shelf life, and also supply cartons for shelf life testing.

Internally, though, even for products we know well, research is ongoing.

For example, we have been conducting tests on different cardboard types to determine the shelf life of liquid egg, assessing a number of variables, including hygienic performance and processing methods.

Here, of course, the collaboration with manufacturers and processing companies is crucial.

In addition to our consulting services, we can also offer a range of analysis and testing:

Paper and cap tests

We assess the interaction between products, packaging and the filling process to evaluate the product's compatibility with Gable Top cartons.

Shelf life testing and validation

Typical customers are manufacturers who are already using Gable Top cartons and want to extend the shelf life of a given product.

But we are also approached by manufacturers who wish to change their packaging, looking for a cheaper option and a fresher product with a shorter shelf life.

For new products, we carry out tests to simulate shelf life and also blind taste tests, working in close cooperation with customers.

Sensory tests

For products that haven't been packaged in Gable Top cartons before (see water) and when new containers are introduced, FILL good conducts organoleptic tests to evaluate the degree of liking of the product and detect the presence of any off-taste..

Filling tests

To check whether new products are compatible with Gable Top packaging, Galdi and FILL good carry out tests to evaluate product behaviour and identify the optimal filling parameters (dosage, sealing, hygienic performance).

Several new products we tested over the last few years - including syrups, fruit purées for cocktails and beet juice - were found to be compatible with the Gable Top filling process.

For a consultation with our packaging development experts at FILL good, please contact us.