15 January 2019

Continual training: the best investment

Believing in people has major advantages: find out which ones!

The better-honed skills are, the better is the quality of the finished products, services, and also day-to-day work. The better trained and up-to-date we are, the better-prepared we are to tackle changes in the world in general.

To give an idea of how much we believe in training, in 2018 alone have we invested:

• More than 2100 hours for internal Galdi personnel

• More than 1000 hours for foreign offices

Assemblers, metalworkers, testers ... as well as product development, marketing, sales and after sales departments: regardless of their role, in Galdi everyone has the opportunity to increase their knowledge through continual training that includes specialist refresher courses specific to their roles.

To give you some examples, basic and advanced English courses have been organized for technical-operational staff, as well as refresher workshops on welding techniques for metalworkers or programming for the technical department. Participation in external courses organized by training companies is frequent, because having the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other companies is also essential for growth.

Another fundamental component is added to "technical" training: the development of personal soft skills. Every year there are many organized activities dedicated to personal and professional development, with initiatives focussed on teamwork or leadership, to name just two by way of example.

This approach is valid both for the headquarters in Italy as well as for our colleagues in Moscow, Rabat and Wilmington (USA). With frequent visits and on-site training, we constantly "synchronize" preparation, strategy and actions, thus ensuring a coordinated standard of products and services worldwide.

Investing in people offers advantages that go beyond the realm of production. For our customers it means a guarantee that our staff are attentive and well-trained and that our consultancy service is the best there is.

And let’s face it. With a well-trained, fit, and continually improving team, "getting in the game" presents greater opportunities and fewer risks.


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