30 August 2018

Galdi "Expert Opinion": Consultancy Services and New Solutions

Galdi Expert Opinion is a series of tailored services and solutions designed around our clients’ requirements and feedback.


Galdi technical experts provide a detailed analysis of your process flows and recommend specific improvements to increase efficiency, defining the best operational and equipment management practices.

Our aim is to reduce wastes and optimise our clients’ performances thanks to a more effective method of production.


Installing the filling machine in the most suitable place within the production area avoids wasting time and space from the very beginning.

Clients wishing to purchase a new or second-hand filling machine may now count on the consultancy services provided by Galdi Expert Opinion. Our technicians will help you choose the ideal location and even plan your whole production area, so as to design the most functional and productive layout.


The purchase of the perfect Galdi filling machine for your requirements starts from an extensive knowledge of our product range. To avoid spending too much on an unsuitable product, we help you choose the most competitive solution among our machines. Our offer includes:

  • Full assessment of the filling machine
Our technician’s evaluation will put you in a stronger position when negotiating with the seller.
  • Best purchase selection

We assist our clients in searching and selecting the machine that best meets their needs.

  • Recovery or efficiency update
Before installing the machine, Galdi technical experts perform any required replacements and upgrades to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

The result? A better investment and guaranteed production.


Is it possible to optimise or even increase the performance of a filling machine manufactured several years ago? Can you reduce consumption and costs while extending the value of your investment?

The answer is yes. Galdi experts are available to recommend improvements and upgrades to our clients’ filling machines and processes.


To maximise production and keep downtime to a minimum, the training of operators and servicing staff is an essential requirement.

The training courses offered by Galdi are tailored on the participants’ experience in terms of contents and duration. They are open to operators and servicing staff, either with or without previous experience. When training experienced personnel, our goal is to broaden their knowledge and share bespoke contents, concerning for example the introduction of new products.

To learn more about Galdi Expert Opinion and to receive personalised advice, please contact our Product Manager Cristian Ballestrin (cristian.ballestrin@galdi.it).


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