16 July 2019

Filling Machines for Perfect Packaging Solutions

We have always had an ambitious goal: to design and implement the most advanced packaging systems through research and experimentation. But just being manufacturers of filling machines was no longer enough!

So we decided to set ourselves a new challenge, by asking ourselves what we could change and how to improve.

We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes to make their needs our own, to aim our research and development at the problems they needed solving.

Several new services were thus created, which represent the present and future we want to focus on:

Filling solutions

In addition to expanding our range of machines, our current and future aim is to offer consultancy in choosing the most suitable filler, with custom configuration and options, based on customers’ production needs.

After Sales services

In order to be closer to our international customers, we have intensified our After Sales service with the opening of offices abroad and the acquisition of new resources and native language technicians. We have customized maintenance contracts so that customers can choose different levels of intervention, ranging from a simple check to an "all inclusive" package.


We want to increase the number of project partnerships we are involved in. For example, we have collaborated with several customers in the food industry to create new filling machines that fill dried products (such as rice, sugar, spices, etc.) into Gable Top cartons.

Customer training

from cardboard choice to correct machine management, we train customers and staff to make them independent and to provide them with the necessary knowledge.

Project support

We help our customers in the planning and optimization of production spaces, defining new optimized plant layouts.


Thanks to the experience gained over the years, we are able to offer our customers not just filling machines but machines for secondary packaging also.

Second-hand machines

Goodbye to the problems of machinery disposal and the associated environmental impact! We can offer new customers (and to the ones with a used Galdi filling machine) a machine disposal and reconditioning service, thus giving old machines a new life.


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