28 July 2022

Flexible procurement solutions for Galdi's packaging machines

Whatever the challenges our customers are facing or the goals they have set themselves, we are ready to support them with customised and investment-sound solutions.

Striving to provide our customers with an all round service, at Galdi we are always expanding our offer with new resources and tailored solutions.

For example, leveraging our relationships with financial institutions that operate globally and can offer customer- and country-specific financing options, we can provide full support when it comes to funding.


Each customer has specific requirements and objectives, is at a different stage of the business cycle or may operate in different markets. In other words, each client is unique!

At Galdi, we aim to always offer the highest level of support, whichever the circumstances or challenges may be.

You can rely on us if you:

  • Want to explore new markets while minimizing your risk
  • Are unsure about production volumes (and consequently machine speed)
  • Have to deal with unplanned investments, be it for production, marketing or sales purposes
  • Are uncertain about future demand growth
  • Have doubts about the best format for your target market
  • Are looking for used equipment at higher-than-market value

For all these situations, we can offer a wide range of customised solutions, including favourable sale conditions, short- and long-term payment extensions, short lease agreements, buybacks at guaranteed value, used machinery at higher-than-market value, as well as operating or finance leases through international partners.

Whatever the need or challenge you are facing, with Galdi you can count on a proactive and flexible partner.


At Galdi, we always strive to offer high added-value services, while also trying to simplify our customers' work as much as possible.

Our dedicated team can support your purchasing department with all the paperwork (grants and subsidies) and in finding solutions (dealing with financial institutions).

We can rely on an international banking network that enables us to provide solutions for every country: thanks to long-standing relationships with leading banks that operate worldwide, we can really make things easier for customers.

In other words, we work to make sure your investment is safe and you get the best possible terms!

Are you interested in buying a packaging machine or a complete line?

Contact us to discover our flexible solutions for your procurement needs!