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This is our fully comprehensive maintenance contract, devised for brand new filling machines and covering the management of spare parts and schedule of maintenance interventions.

It is especially recommended for those who need continued top-level performance and work on 2-3 shifts, with an average of 4,000, 5,000 or 7,000 operating hours per year.


SMART includes periodical visits by one of Galdi’s expert technicians at discounted rates. It is the perfect solution for small manufacturers or for companies with in-house servicing staff that want to fine-tune their machine after a certain number of operating hours.

A pre-defined schedule of interventions, to be arranged with our experts, will guarantee constant performance over time.


The maintenance contract for filling machines that have just been purchased or that are two years old. It is conceived for the customers who wish to extend the warranty beyond 12 months up to a maximum of 24 months.

The costs for routine maintenance interventions and for any replacement of faulty parts are determined beforehand.

The replacement of parts that are not covered by the warranty is provided at discounted rates.


This maintenance contract for Gable Top filling machines includes inspections by our technical staff to flag any anomalies and introduce any required adjustments, so as to bring performance to top levels and avoid unexpected downtimes.

This is the perfect option for small manufacturers, especially if combined with our on-site training service, as it grants our clients the possibility to manage the machine autonomously and have it inspected periodically by our technicians.

Large manufacturers with in-house servicing staff adopt this formula together with our TYE ("Through Your Eyes") remote assistance service when urgent repairs are needed.


This contract allows keeping your Gable Top filling machine under control at discounted rates. By scheduling maintenance interventions every 1,000 hours, the discount can be as much as 20%.

During the visit, our technician will inspect and fine-tune the packaging machine, recommending any interventions to be performed on the spot or during the following inspection.

Our expert will also analyse the internal process flow, providing advice on production, maintenance and hygiene best practices.


Clients opting for this contract set a fixed annual budget to allocate to maintenance operations and spare parts management.

The contract includes the annual costs for the provision of spare parts, the cost of labour as well as any travel, board and lodging expenses for the staff.

Spare parts for your Galdi filling machine

Get spare parts and manuals in just one click with our e-Portal!

We have designed an interactive platform through which our customers can order spare parts or view the latest versions of our user manuals.

Our efficient e-Portal is specifically devised to speed up order management. Every client has a customised profile, hence the risk of mistakes is reduced to a minimum and times are significantly cut down.


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