An eco-friendly company


Our clients' sustainability begins with us. A mission that has transformed significantly the way we work

Galdi is at the forefront of environmental sustainability.

With the adoption of the Lean principles, we are increasingly reducing our impact year after year, cutting down energy, water, paper consumptions and waste.

An approach involving every single area of our company


The new testing lines are equipped with a water filtering and purification plant which allows us to recycle and re-use 100% of water.

Additionally, used cartons are compressed and shipped to paper mills for recycling.


Our photovoltaic plant produces over 365,000 KWh/year, i.e. the average annual consumption of 140 Italian families, with a surplus of more than 165,000 KWh/year (the average annual consumption of 61 families) fed into the power grid.


By analysing our internal use of water we introduced a number of measures to optimise and reduce its consumption, despite the production increase and the recruitment of new people.


Our production plant only uses FSC-certified paper or paper obtained from the recycle of Gable Top cartons.


Since 2014 we have been using only clean energy, coming from 100% renewable resources such as water, sun, and wind.

Moreover, 100% of carbon dioxide emissions produced by the usage of natural gas are counterbalanced by our supplier with emission-reducing projects.


By carefully sorting waste in the office and production areas, we have achieved as much as 97.5% of sorted waste.

The remaining 2.5% is sent to incinerators for energy production.


What is the environmental impact of our filling machines, in terms of emissions and water consumption? What can we do to improve it?

To answer these questions we carried out an in-depth analysis with the support of the University of Padua.

Every component of our filling machines has been re-engineered so as to reduce its energy consumption, operating costs and environmental impact.

  • By reducing energy consumption by 10%, the emission of 100,000 kg of carbon dioxide is potentially avoided.
  • By reducing water usage by 10%, up to 1.3 million litres of fresh water can be saved.

The development of increasingly advanced and innovative solutions goes hand in hand with the simplification of processes, and the optimization of product performance is always accompanied by the reduction of environmental impact.


Get ready for a journey into Galdi's world, exploring the themes of sustainability, employee well-being & community engagement, and discover a whole range of activities carried out by our team.

Numbers, percentages, activities, initiatives: throughout Galdi's Green Report, we take stock of progress made in the previous year, looking at the present time with an eye to the future.

In addition to connecting with schools, local stakeholders, customers and suppliers, we actively engaged in research and innovation, experiencing sustainability first-hand…


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