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The collaboration with Galdi has allowed the farm to evolve from supplier of raw product to producer under its own brand

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Arvikabygdens Mejeri: the history of the collaboration with Galdi

This video shows what happens when a company rises to a challenge, and demonstrates the value of solid partnerships and relationships, as the success of any new, as-yet-unproven business idea relies heavily on the choice of partner.

This is the story of the Arvikabygdens Mejeri Farm, of their transformation from a supplier of raw products to working under their own brand in the dairy sector in Sweden.

Fed up with being buffeted by the market and the whims of the large players, they took the risky decision to go it alone and make their own pricing and other policies.

The business idea was strong and had great potential. They decided to focus on local production and sell exclusively to consumers in their local area. How local? No more that 15km (9 miles) from the farm!

There were two issues that needed solving: How to get their new brand known and how to manage the technical side given their relative inexperience. This is the point in the story where we at Galdi comes in.

We started working together and sharing our experience and this led to the first solutions and the beginning of a working relationship which goes well beyond the usual confines of a business partnership.

This approach is a key part of our Mission: To transmit our know-how to guarantee increased efficiency in our machines and in the work of those who use them. To be available, before, during and above all after the sale has been made so as to continue to provide support to the companies and people within them who have chosen to work with us.


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