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Cumberland Dairy is a company based in New Jersey (U.S.A.) and one of the leading dairy product manufacturers in the region

After Nature's Soy and Kroger, another US company has chosen Galdi as a trusted partner. Meet Cumberland Dairy, a specialist in ESL products (Extended Shelf Life) and an established supplier of leading enterprises such as McDonald's, Wawa and Rita's

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2x RG270UCS

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"It's not just about two companies working together towards the same goals. Our two families have very similar principles and share the same ideas about where our next generations will lead us."

Mr. Carmine Catalana IV (President)

More than 85 years of history, from New Jersey to serving the whole East Coast!

With more than 85 years of history, Cumberland Dairy has grown from its New Jersey headquarters to serving the whole East Coast ­­– a success story owed to the Catalana family's four-generation leadership and forward-looking vision epitomized by the motto 'What's next?'

Indeed, Cumberland Dairy and Galdi have a lot in common, starting from the willingness to look for new solutions, discover and try out new things.

After a first contact at the 2013 International Dairy Show in Chicago, the two companies came together for the first time in 2015. Back then, our Delaware branch had yet to be established and Galdi was hardly known in the North American market.

A visit to our Italian headquarters was organized to introduce our world and showcase Galdi products in action in our testing area, such as our RG270UCS. The meeting was an opportunity to build a constructive atmosphere based on the sharing of know-how and mutual respect, a prerequisite condition for any successful partnership.

Cumberland Dairy therefore placed its first order with Galdi, which was fulfilled within the agreed delivery times. The company also received active support from our US local representative Fabio Meneghetti, Technical Sales Manager. But that's not the end of it, as our cooperation was further strengthened with the installation of a second filling machine.


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