04 December 2020

Galdi now Holds Approved & Registered (REX) Exporter Status

This is an important milestone for Galdi, as these two authorizations enable a more agile dealing with customs, with considerable advantages for our customers too

We are glad to announce that we were officially granted the Approved Exporter status. We are also Registered Exporters (REX), which is the new system of certification of origin of goods that the European Union is progressively introducing for the purpose of its preferential trade arrangements.

(At present, the system is used for Japan, Canada, Côte d'Ivoire, Republic of Ghana and the OCTs).

Galdi obtained Registered Exporter (REX) status for as many as 52 TARIFF HEADINGS and 2 TARIC CHAPTERS and holds Approved Exporter authorization for 42 countries.


The advantages for our customers are speed and shorter delivery times.

The Approved Exporter status enables us to:

  • benefit from tariff preferential treatment in the country of destination, which results in remarkable savings for our customers.
  • eliminate the expenses to issue EUR1 Certificates and related costs.
  • speed up transport times, reducing necessary stops at Customs to draw up proxy forms and issue paper-based EUR1 Certificates of origin for each single shipment.


We were successful in obtaining the Approved Exporter status thanks to joint and collaborative efforts, which can be broken down as follows:

  • Creation of a dedicated work team with a contact person for each department: this was a 1-year process, with weekly progress meetings, requiring constant cooperation among colleagues.
  • Customs training for employees to stress the importance of correct data: 30 employees received more than 240 hours of training.
  • Active cooperation with suppliers to improve awareness about dealings with customs: 72 suppliers were involved in conference call meetings (taking 10 hours in total), and 2522 products were analysed.
  • Improved knowledge about provisions on preferential agreements through continuous training and support by a dedicated customs consultant: 60 hours, including webinars, training and meetings with a consultant at our headquarters.
  • Review of production processes conferring preferential origin on goods manufactured at our site: 350 articles were analysed.

  • More efficient internal processes leading to a better management and recording of declarations of origin submitted by suppliers for traded goods: digital forms, implementation of IUNGO (supply chain management) and Embyon (management system) software solutions.


Thanks to the commitment of our AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Team, we have achieved the following major objectives:

  • MILESTONE #1: Registered exporter (REX) status, issued on 22/06/2020
  • MILESTONE #2: Second CAD (Customs Assistance Centres) site authorisation, with GLOBAL CAD status (including spare parts) for Galdi's premises, obtained on 21/10/2020
  • MILESTONE #3: Approved Exporter status, granted on 27/10/2020
  • MILESTONE #4: access to simplified procedures to issue Certificates of Origin at our premises, since 18/11/2020.

Our goal for next year is to get both the customs simplifications (AEOC) and the security and safety (AEOS) authorisations.


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