10 May 2021

Galdi Awarded "Family Audit" Certificate for Second Year

We are happy to announce that Galdi was awarded the Family Audit certificate for the second year running

We are happy to announce that Galdi was awarded the Family Audit certificate for the second year running. The certificate is awarded to organisations that have employee welfare policies in place, aimed at achieving a better balance between work and family life.

Our commitment, which started back in 2015 with the Family and Work Project, took on a special meaning in 2020.

The pandemic has undeniably highlighted the need for family-friendly policies to help staff juggle work and non-work life.

Naturally, remote work has been crucial and we are happy to say that we had already introduced WFH arrangements a few years ago.

The fact that we were prepared definitely helped our employees strike a better balance between work and family time.


In a digital world, and especially at a time of social distancing, keeping in touch with colleagues is essential.

Besides being an integral part of our corporate culture, teamwork is key when working on experimental or innovative projects.

Thanks to digital collaborative tools bringing people and ideas together, office life has partially moved to online platforms (Galdi employees all use MS Teams).

Some company events went ahead even with full lockdown measures in place: our traditional summer party was held online, as well as the presentation of the company's Green and Annual Reports.


In 2020, we launched a company-wide initiative focused on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.

Besides making Galdi's employees more aware of the issues related to sustainability addressed in the Agenda, we decided to organize a creative game that would also involve their families and friends.

Every week, adults and children are invited to share ideas and tips to help others become more aware of issues such as the environment and human rights.

Ideas and imagination are the best allies for Sustainable Development!


This year the Galdi Village, the new building right next to Galdi's Italian headquarters which was officially opened recently - gives us the opportunity to stress the importance of a matter that is very close to our heart: the promotion of health and wellbeing.

In the Village, employees will benefit from:

● a new gym, with several classes due to begin soon, aimed at improving mental and physical well-being, including posture workouts.

● a bistro, which takes the canteen concept to a whole new level, focusing on seasonal cuisine and the quality of raw materials.

All activities related to our employee welfare programs continue, of course, either in person or virtually.

Between family and work, we continue to choose quality of life!


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