06 November 2019

Happier Families and Certified Welfare

Professional and private lives can coexist smoothly and productively! For this approach, which has been an integral part of our business culture, we now have an official certification!


In October 2019, Galdi obtained the Family Audit certification, which is awarded to companies that implement actions for the well-being of employees to facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life.

This is the first milestone of the Family and Work project, launched in 2015 with the support of the Veneto Region and later implemented thanks to the involvement of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

For 3 years, under the supervision of an external consultant, we developed ideas and initiatives aimed at improving the day-to-day life of Galdi's employees, both inside and outside the company.

After all, happiness and well-being lead to productivity!


We are used to working simultaneously with teams made up of people from different departments. At Galdi, each decision, each solution, each step forward is the result of teamwork and of the efforts of several people.

What if we applied this model to welfare as well?

This is precisely what we did: we asked our staff to share ideas to improve their and their colleagues' work life.

These ideas were turned into initiatives that were implemented over the last few years.


Spending more time with families tops workers' wish lists and is definitely one of the factors that most affect quality of life.

Hence the idea to apply smart working, e.g. more flexible working times, greater autonomy in managing time, as well as a laptop or a smartphone to be connected.

Other family-friendly measures are already in place, including:

Extended parental leave for new dads (2 extra days compared to national collective agreement)

● Possibility to bring children to work, when necessary

Benefits extended to the whole family

With a view to saving time, we also turned other ideas into reality. For instance, the Car Wash and Pit Stop services are very much appreciated by our employees, who can have their car cleaned and serviced during work hours. We also offer fitness classes during lunch breaks: more time for the well-being of our employees, without stealing precious family-time!

To find out more about Galdì's relevant initiatives in and outside the workplace, visit the page Welfare.

What else is there to say?

Well, after obtaining the Environmental, Quality and Safety certifications, we are happy to have been awarded the Family Well-Being certificate as well.

At bottom, we are, and feel like, a big family!


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