05 October 2020

Food Filling Machines Spare Parts. E-Portal: Introducing the New Features

We have added new features to Galdi's spare parts e-portal

The new tools aim at making our ordering platform even more user-friendly, functional and efficient.

We have been listening to our customers and analysing their needs, with the goal of simplifying and improving the work of purchasing departments, production managers, maintenance technicians and operators.


The three new features are designed to better manage both the spare parts ordering process and inventories, allowing for better planning of maintenance activities.

And they will also reduce the time needed to place an order.

For each item, you can now view:


Since spare parts availability is shown on the portal - which is active 24/7 and updated twice a day - you no longer need to request a quote via email and wait for the answer. Furthermore, if an item is out of stock, the system tells you in how many days it will be available again.


The addition of delivery times for each spare part enables production managers to optimally plan activities and maintenance services.

Based on how often a part needs to be replaced, you know exactly when the best time to place an order is, avoiding inventory overload.


Being able to see spare parts prices is especially useful to purchasing departments.

In addition, thanks to the order history feature, you can now get a clear overview of past purchases in selected time intervals.


The new add-ons enhance already the existing features of our spare parts portal, designed for utmost practicality and ease of use, such as:


Thanks to the interactive 3D machine drawings, you just click on the part you need to add it to the cart. There’s no need to enter a code, so as to avoid typing errors.


You can configure the e-portal by setting multiple authorisation levels.

Operators' access can be restricted to manuals – which we update regularly - and 3D machine drawings.

Maintenance technicians can check lead times and create a spare parts wish-list, with or without permission to view prices, whereas the purchasing department, or a designated person, can get full access rights.


The platform provides a comprehensive overview, including all machines and order history data. With a few clicks, you can view past expenditures, previously ordered items and purchase frequency.


Our e-portal is developing in different directions.

The shopping experience will become increasingly smarter and similar to that of an e-commerce website.

To this end, in 2021 we will be introducing the order tracking feature.

In the future, the portal will notify customers and suggest parts that need replacement after an x number of hours, as per Planned Maintenance Plan (PMP).

A further step will be the possibility to automatically connect the system to your business management software.

The work to improve the e-portal goes hand in hand with research conducted by our designers to make spare parts last longer, thus reducing TCO (Total Cost Ownership).

If you are not yet familiar with our e-portal, try the demo.