Pridneprovskiy Milk

OJSC Pridneprovskiy was founded in 1990, the first Ukrainian example of privatization of a state-owned enterprise

The company has distinguished itself for its high quality products, becoming one of the top three producers in the country and affirming its leading position in the Ukrainian market.

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Our partner: OJSC Pridneprovskiy

Operating in the dairy sector, the company also deals with baby food and has its own distribution chain under the brand name "Zlagoda". Every day more than 200 tons of milk are processed, mainly for cheese production, for which the company has won numerous prizes and awards in Europe and the United States.

For years the company has been investing in new technologies and equipment, never losing sight of the link with its territory and traditions.

The partnership with Galdi

The partnership with Galdi was born thanks to the supply of a RG250MINI filling machine, destined to the production of the "school-milk" to be distributed in schools.

The innovation was in the choice of Elopak's Diamond Curve Minicross carton, the first mini carton (57x57mm) distributed in Ukraine.

The project was born from the synergy of Elopak Ukraine and Galdi who, knowing the pioneering spirit of the company, proposed this new version.

The initiative was celebrated with a grand inauguration of the new plant in Dnepetrovsk headquarters in the presence of the authorities and the national press, by the dairy president, a manager of Elopak and a delegation of Galdi led by our President Galdino Candiotto, who participated in the ceremony by assisting Mr. Veretennikov (President of Pridneprovskiy) to cut the ribbon.

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