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Consulting for Gable Top carton filling machines

Our experts actively support clients in making strategic decisions, from packaging selection to process optimisation


Gable Top Solutions

We offer advice on the best possible packaging, based on the type of product and on specific requirements. Thanks to our active collaboration with leading packaging manufacturers worldwide, we can guarantee maximum compatibility with any type of Gable Top carton on the market, while offering our competent support in the selection of the right packaging, according to the type of product and to any business and production requirements.

What’s more, our clients will be benefiting from the many advantages of Gable Top carton:

  • Flexibility: the same packaging can be used for different product volumes
  • High consumer perception: the ideal solution for premium products
  • Larger printing area compared to other types of packaging
  • Differentiation obtained through the selection of paper, design and cap configuration.

Would you like to find out how to differentiate your products with Gable Top packaging?

Layout and Positioning

Galdi’s technicians guide our clients in choosing the most suitable machine layout and location within the production plant, taking into account any specific production needs.

This service is available both to our customers and to anyone who has purchased a filling machine from another manufacturer. It is especially recommended for those who are planning to buy a new or second-hand filling machine, as well as for existing owners willing to learn how to optimise their production space.

Would you like to learn how to maximise production thanks to the most suitable location and layout of your filling machine?

Process lines optimization

By resorting to our service and adopting manufacturing best practices, our clients will gain significant advantages in terms of waste reduction, improved performance and enhanced productivity, while also benefiting from streamlined internal operations.

Even though it is specifically recommended for brand new filling machines, this service is also useful for existing owners willing to achieve continued productivity and higher performance.

Galdi’s technical experts will carefully examine the whole process line and suggest any improvements to be implemented in terms of operations, equipment and processes, thus ensuring an efficient standardised global process and maximising productivity.

Would you like to learn how to optimise your process flow?

Update and Upgrade

Our experienced technicians can suggest any required updates or upgrades of the filling machines so as to meet specific production needs, ensure a longer lifecycle or restore or increase performance.

Updates involve any additions or replacements of components required to manage different products (e.g. making a filling machine for liquid products compatible with viscous products or adding a cap applicator) or new types of packaging (e.g. switching between different materials).

Upgrades concern machine settings and allow introducing new configurations while improving performance.

Would you like to learn how to update or upgrade your filling machine?

End-of-line packaging machines

Increasing the efficiency of Gable Top filling must also take into account the end-of-line phase.

For new set-ups, it is essential to look at the whole process line by choosing the secondary packaging machine that best matches the existing filling machine. This reduces possible end-of-line slowdowns while ensuring faster and safer set-ups.

Today, thanks to the recent acquisition of Artema Pack, specialized in end-of-line packaging machines, Galdi offers a range of comprehensive filling solutions for primary and secondary packaging, together with consultancy services focused on the whole process line.

Hot Fill vs aseptic

Galdi’s R&D endeavours have led to the creation of a third solution suitable for in-between productions and requiring a lower initial investment and reduced maintenance costs: its name is HOT FILL.

Our Gable Top filling machines with HOT FILL configuration are engineered to ensure the perfect sealing of cartons and tested at our premises before delivery.

Liquid is sterilised during filling at a temperature of 80-90°C, with no cooling system required after pasteurisation.

Would you like to know all the advantages of our HOT FILL configuration?

Gable Top vs aseptic

When it comes to choosing between a Gable Top filling machine and an aseptic solution, the most important thing to take into account is product positioning.

Gable Top has always been associated with the cold chain and is mainly perceived as a packaging for premium products, such as organic or locally produced milk, thus ensuring higher profit margins. Instead, aseptic packaging is commonly used for large volumes and associated with best-priced products.

Would you like to learn more on the benefits offered by Gable Top solutions compared to aseptic systems?


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