24 September 2019

From Shelled Egg to Liquid Egg in Gable Top Cartons

In this article we will share some information to help shelled egg producers to better understand the process of packing liquid egg into cardboard

For shelled egg producers and sellers, the packaging of liquid eggs in Gable Top is certainly a challenge but also an opportunity to break into new, often untapped markets.


Although the production of liquid egg packaged in retail formats has grown in many parts of the world, there are still countries that are either unfamiliar with it or forced to import it from abroad (such as Nicaragua until 2017).

The higher margins from pasteurized liquid egg and the possibility to differentiate one’s production from competitors are the main incentives that prompt many producers to invest in liquid egg packaging, especially in areas where the purchase price of shelled egg is low.

The packaging of liquid egg in Gable Top also allows producers to use those eggs that do not fit into standard sizes, thus transforming a waste into value.

In addition to HORECA liquid egg creates new opportunities in retail, a sector with an excellent potential, which nevertheless requires greater marketing investments.


Compared to shelled eggs, the filling of liquid eggs in cartons requires a highly hygienic system, followed by cold chain distribution.

The required machinery and tools are:

  • Destacking machine: a machine that collects eggs from boxes and places them on the filling machine’s belt;
  • Shelling machine;
  • A tank for the storing of the 3 products;
  • Pasteurizer and tank for pasteurized products;
  • Filling machines;
  • CIP (Cleaning In Place): when not included in the process, a CIP unit, an independent line for washing parts in contact with the product, may be installed;
  • End-of-line secondary packaging machine (if needed)

Given the cost of creating and starting up a packaging system, many small producers’ cooperatives have been established to share investments and production through the creation of shared plants for filling liquid eggs in Gable Top and/or Bag-in-box.


In Europe, the United States and China, most egg products are packaged in Gable Top, a much more competitive solution than aseptic filling.

The packaging itself helps to lengthen the shelf life of liquid egg up to 60 days.

Compared to brick cartons, Gable Top offers an additional benefit on the shelves. Indeed, this type of packaging improves the perception of the packaged products, considered healthier and more natural.


Galdi’s machines are used to fill liquid eggs all over the world, from Europe to America and Asia.

When used for liquid egg packaging, all our filling machines feature our Ultra Clean configuration, a specific solution for products requiring the highest hygiene standards, designed to guarantee excellent filling performance regardless of the product viscosity.

Depending on the budget and production requirements, our clients may choose an entry-level solution like our RG21 or RG50, both equipped with Ultra Clean technology and adjustable according to filling volumes.

Our top-of-the-range solution is the RG270 Ultra Clean liquid egg filling machine, featuring a number of technical innovations to improve performance and hygiene. An example is the sterile air in the product tank and filling area, or the automatic washing system, which further reduces the risk of contamination.

Galdi's liquid egg filling machines also allow our clients to manage multiple formats with the same filler (with extremely short product changeover times) and to customize the package with the addition of the cap.

This allows to further differentiate production according to the distribution channel and filled product.

In addition to choosing the best filling machine, Galdi makes its know-how available to clients and provides information and support on Gable Top processes and systems.

Our first-hand knowledge of process and packaging suppliers worldwide allows us to extend our advice also to the choice of the best packaging type and end-of-line packaging machines.

Would you like to receive more information about liquid egg packaging in Gable Top? Do you have other questions?

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