23 November 2021

OEE for Food Filling Machines: MaSH News

We are delighted to present the latest additions to the MaSH platform, which now features OEE monitoring for Galdi's food filling systems in compliance with the new European Standard EN 415-11:2021.

Galdi's MaSH advanced monitoring system is constantly evolving. The latest addition is the possibility to view the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) score of your packaging machines through a calculation method based on the new reference standards introduced by the European Union.

For manufacturers, this is a real revolution on several levels.

They can benefit from a much deeper level of insight, thanks to a stream of valuable data that helps understand the real efficiency of use of their filling machine.

Providing superior qualitative performance analysis in compliance with an international standard, the system comes at a competitive price compared to other equipment performance monitoring software (e.g. MES systems).

MaSH News

New calculation rules for performance

Galdi's updated MaSH version was developed in compliance with the new rules of European Standard EN 415-11:2021. The standard, which has just been published, lays down the criteria for calculating the performance of food packaging systems.

The adoption of the standard will enable customers to know exactly what KPI calculation methods are being used, ensuring utmost transparency and reliability of the monitoring system.

Together with UCIMA, the national association of Italian packing and packaging machinery manufacturers, Galdi is also contributing to the drafting of clear guidelines to help other manufacturers apply the standard.

New performance indicators

The updated MasH platform enables the analysis of a range of new production data that are helpful to calculate your machine's OEE, a KPI that provides a more comprehensive monitoring of your food filling machine.

Besides already collected data (e.g. number of packed cartons, scrap rates, alarm list), the system displays new important metrics:

  • Production: time period in which the machine system produces
  • Scheduled Downtime: for cleaning, maintenance, etc.
  • Performance Loss: e.g. during start-up times
  • Downtime: e.g. unexpected (unplanned) downtime
  • Idle time: time period in which the machine cannot be scheduled for production

By comparing these data, the system calculates the filler's OEE, providing accurate insights not only on machine mechanical efficiency (MME), but also on the overall effectiveness of your equipment.

You can also aggregate data by time intervals, single filler, or by grouping all Galdi machines in several plants around the world..

New interface

The MaSH platform also features a new React interface with motion graphics animation.We decided to use this technology, one of the most popular front-end frameworks in the world, to offer the best possible user experience.

Advantages for Manufacturers

The OEE metric for food filling machines generated by our MaSH system is indeed a valuable tool for food manufacturers.

In addition to considerable savings compared to third-party systems, the platform provides an unbeatable advantage: since we manufacture both the monitoring system and the machines, we can guarantee absolute accuracy in analysing performance.

The new calculation standards, which represent the state of the art to assess performance in packaging systems, return valuable data for comparison with previously collected data, thus enabling a more accurate assessment of the performance of your packaging line.

The development of the MaSH system continues even after this major upgrade. Galdi's engineers are already working on the next step, which is providing the OEE score for the whole packaging line, in order to offer an overall performance assessment for the entire process!

For now, we encourage you to try the new features of the MaSH platform.