22 April 2021

The First Gable Top Cartons for Flour in France

Grands Moulins de Paris, a brand of Vivescia Group, has partnered with Galdi to launch the first Gable-Top cartons for flour on the French market


Restrictions and lockdown measures have made the French rediscover the joys of home cooking, as shown by the increase in sales of products to prepare food at home, particularly for baking.

Seizing the opportunity, Grands Moulins de Paris decided to pack two of its premium products - the T45 wheat flour and Francine's lump-free flour - in Gable Top cartons, introducing an innovative packaging for this product.

Gable Tops for flour are an absolute novelty on the French market. On top of that, they are a game changer in terms of product handling compared to traditional paper bags.

The goal was to offer a more practical packaging solution for flour, pleasing passionate home cooks and motivating beginners, especially children, to discover the pleasures of home cooking - without forgetting sustainability, which Grands Moulins de Paris strongly believes in.


The number of products in Gable Top cartons has increased significantly over the last few years.

Current global trends seem to suggest that this packaging type - associated with premium or fresh products like milk - is being rediscovered as an alternative to other containers.

Sustainability is of course just the first of a long list of advantages offered by Gable Top cartons:

  • SUSTAINABILITY - Gable Tops are sustainable, 100% recyclable, with more than 75% made of paper from FSC certified forests.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Flour Gable Tops are easily recognisable on-shelf and make your brand stand out.
  • ERGONOMICS - compared to classic paper bags, Gable Top cartons for flour are a real revolution in terms of product handling, reducing annoying spills on supermarket shelves and in the pantry, and also avoiding product waste.
  • CONVENIENCE - Gable Tops are very practical, with caps allowing for easier pouring and a window showing how much flour is left.
  • FOOD SAFETY - compared to classic paper bags, Gable Tops offer greater protection. Practical and resealable screw caps ensure better preservation and reduce the risk of product contamination.

Grands Moulins de Paris chose for its flour Italpack's Vpack model, which comes with a practical side window and a bio-based plastic cap.


Galdi works closely with customers wishing to add value to their product with new packaging.

It does so by providing complete support, from the packaging idea to the finished product on the shelf, providing a range of offerings and services:

  • advice on the type of packaging and technology that best suit the product
  • packaging development and supply
  • packaging line optimisation
  • continuous support

In cooperation with FILL good - Galdi's in-house start-up - the company has already developed solutions for several dry food products, such as

  • flour
  • spices
  • powder products
  • granular products
  • grains and seeds (e.g. rice, cereals, nuts)

Have an idea and need help to make it happen? Want to (re)launch your product, or give it a fresh new look? Look no further.