20 April 2023

Galdi packaging machines: safe and always up to the latest International Standards

Thanks to thorough risk assessment and the continuous training of our design engineers, we can guarantee that our packaging machines comply with international safety regulations.

To make sure that packaging lines and machines are safe, our in-house designers work closely with external consultants.

They are regularly trained and keep up to date with the latest directives, ensuring that solutions always comply with current regulations and customer specifications.

The latest regulations in the countries in which Galdi packaging machines are installed are actually our benchmark for developing solutions.

Design engineering also goes hand in hand with the analysis, assessment and reduction of risks throughout the life cycle of packaging machines, as laid down by International Standard EN ISO 12100.

In this article, we discuss some of the projects we developed to increase the safety of operators and users of Galdi packaging machines.


Blanks are fed into the packaging machine through an opening in the carton loading station.

The mechanical and pneumatic movements inside this opening could potentially pose a hazard.

To guarantee that operators are safe and secure, the carton loading area features a safety function with electronic controls. Its purpose is to verify:

  • the minimum number of cartons required for the stack to act as a fixed protection, preventing access and potentially dangerous movements in the area.
  • the correct positioning of the adjustable shutter to prevent mechanical parts from moving, should the operator load an unsuitable format for scheduled production.

These and all other solutions requiring safety functions have been developed in compliance with International Standard ISO EN 13849-1 on safety circuits.

In the carton loading area, we also developed anti-crushing safety measures for the blanks feeding conveyor.

Since we couldn't insert physical barriers to protect operators, the movement of the carton feeder was made non-hazardous, in line with the guidance set out in UNI EN 415-10 Standard.

We did so by incorporating maximum pressure valves and flow regulators to limit the forces and the speed of the pneumatic piston regulating the movement of the conveyor.


Working with external consultants, Galdi safety specialists conducted an in-depth analysis of the emissions and residues of hydrogen peroxide used for the package disinfection process..


The external areas around Galdi packaging machines comply with safety requirements for operator exposure to hydrogen peroxide.

Each area of the packaging machine - such as the infeed and outfeed stations, where operators load blanks and inspect sample finished products for quality checks - was analysed considering the tasks performed by operators on a day-to-day basis.

As a result of the analysis, an extra measure will be introduced: packaging machines will come with a safety note informing operators about the maximum exposure time for each specific area.


We guarantee safe packaging machines that comply with legal limits for hydrogen peroxide residues in the internal area too.

Besides designing efficient exhaust ventilation systems, we carried out tests and measurements to determine safe access conditions for operators.

For some configurations, we installed shutter locking systems that only enable access when safety limits are reached.


Galdi specialists carried out a comprehensive risk analysis on machine components with vertical movements, including cap applicators, lifters, top and bottom heaters.

All mechanical and pneumatic devices were analysed to make sure that the level of safety complied with current regulations.

The risk and safety analysis of our packaging machinery and lines extends beyond the design phase to include transport and installation too.