11 February 2021

10 Years of Galdi Russia

10 years ago, in February 2011, Galdi’s representative office in Russia and CIS started its journey!

10 years ago, in February 2011, Galdi’s representative office in Russia and CIS started its work!

The initial task was to organize a service center and arrange the supply of original spare parts.

These are issues of efficiency, clear solution of technical problems and quality of services. If the machine is serviced correctly, the customer is confident in the stability and reliability of production.

Having realized this in practice, we began to develop service programs for Preventive Maintenance Plan. We managed to break the outdated habit of urgently repairing breakdowns, and have shown and proved to customers that preventive maintenance is cheaper, more reliable and optimal, and allows to avoid downtime and disruption of deliveries We have developed individual service programs that are suitable for different production specifics.

Time passed, and it became obvious that we need to develop the sales of equipment.

During this time, we realized that in addition to filling machines, our customers need complete solutions, interaction with a single supplier and complete synchronization of equipment. In 2018, Galdi acquired the group packaging manufacturer Artema Pack.

For several years, we are implementing equipment for group packaging of various formats, not only for Gable Top packaging.

Not so long ago, the Fill Good start up appeared, it is engaged in the development, consulting and design of new packaging solutions, based on cardboard.

Galdi actively improves introducing innovations in food packaging technologies.

Mission of Russian Office is to be a link between the production site in Italy, where really high-quality equipment is produced, and Russia, where Galdi’s equipment is valued and desirable to use. To deliver and service high-quality and safe filling machines for dairy products, fruit juices, wine, eggs and other products.