19 November 2018

Area Village: From Planning to Reality

The construction works of Area Village, Galdi’s new multipurpose space, began at the end of 2018 next to our production plant in Postioma di Paese (Treviso, Italy).


L’area Village Galdi ospiterà la mensa con la nuova #cucinagaldi, un bar, una palestra, gli spogliatoi e sale per riunioni e brainstorming.

Uno spazio sarà dedicato anche all’Area Espositiva con installazioni e opere di artisti ispirati al mondo Galdi: un’idea per raccontare in modo diverso e moderno la storia della nostra azienda, coinvolgendo i visitatori attraverso ispirazioni interattive.


The new center was designed with our people and local territory in mind, in harmony with Galdi’s long-established vision of welfare.

Our goal is to create a workplace functioning also as a physical space to experience and enjoy. While the gym and the bar offer new opportunities for sharing and interaction with colleagues, the sleek, beautifully designed structure aspires to become a landmark enhancing our territory.


Galdi’s Area Village will have multiple destinations, explains Antonella Candiotto, Galdi General Manager:

“Area Village represents an investment that will strengthen the sense of belonging of our staff. We pay a lot of attention to our people and the quality of relations they establish. Indeed, our company is open to dialogue and exchange. That is why the new space will also become a hub for new ideas and projects to be shared with our clients, suppliers and our whole network of partners.”


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