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Anako Yumurta Liquid Eggs

How to increase production, hygiene standards and knowledge of liquid eggs: our experience with Turkish company Anako

Anako to conquer Turkish Food Service: greater production, better food safety and the advantages of Gable Top cartons

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Filling configuration

Filled products

Yolk, egg white, omelette mix

"The difference with Galdi machine was enormous in terms of technology, ease of use and hygiene, and consequently product shelf life increased. I particularly appreciated Galdi's liquid eggs know-how".

Mr. Emre Sefer (Operations Director)

Our partner: Anako

HEADQUARTERS: Ankara, Turkey


Anako Yumurta is a Turkish company founded in 2006 by the merger of 8 companies. The modern production plant at Konya is built to cover the strong demand of the liquid egg market, an important food in the Turkish culinary tradition.

The plant is initially dedicated to the filling of liquid eggs in bag-in-boxes and cisterns. In 2010 Anako starts the packaging of pasteurized liquid eggs in Gable Top, mainly for the Food Service.

The choice of carton packaging was created to ease the work of professionals engaged in the kitchens of restaurants, hotels or pastry shops with a package that can guarantee maximum convenience and attention to hygiene.

Customer needs

  • Increase the volumes of liquid egg produced
  • Ensure hygienic standards in line with EU regulations

The experience with Galdi

After a no-so-positive experience with other partners and filling systems, Anako gets in touch with a new process partner that introduces Galdi.

It is the beginning of a positive collaboration that brings Galdi to support the customer by transferring product and filling knowledge, until the purchase of an Ultra Clean filling machine.


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