Huevo San Juan

Filling machines for food and beverages

The company sells fresh eggs, pasteurized liquid eggs and derivatives (albumen powder)

Installed machines

RG250UCS and RG270UCS

Filling configuration

Filled products

Egg whites, whole liquid eggs

Our partner: Huevo San Juan

Huevo San Juan processes liquid eggs, which are packaged in different packaging, including Gable Top cartons.

Its largest market is Mexico, where the flagship product is lightly salted egg white for the preparation of typical recipes, driven by a strong advertising campaign that celebrates the health properties compared to other foods.

The consumer's choice to prefer a packaged product instead of whole eggs can be traced back to new lifestyles, such as high-protein diets for athletes, flavored mixes for omelettes and desserts, and the need to rely on hygienically guaranteed products.

"We focus on helping industries to have an innocuous, standard and reliable product that helps them to have better control of production and inventories. Our competition produces shell eggs".

The partnership with Galdi

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