Proan Liquid Eggs

Meet the growing market demand for liquid egg and keep improving: the experience with Mexico's PROAN

Proteina Animal and the success of carton-packaged liquid egg; marketed under the brand name Huevo San Juan, production amounts to 60,000 units a day.

Installed machines

RG250UCS (2012) and RG270UCS (2017)

Filling configuration

Filled products

Egg whites, whole liquid eggs

"What is right can always be better"

- Don Marcelino Romo (PROAN founder)

"The purchase of [the RG270UCS filler] brought about a profound transformation in our production facility. Processes improved, sales increased and production doubled. On top of this, waste production was significantly reduced."

- Jayaira Martinez (ISO 22000 & Documentation Manager)

Our partner: Proan

PRODUCTION FACILITY: San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico

Proteina Animal (PROAN) is Latin America's largest and the world's second largest egg producer. The company mainly serves the Food Service industry, with liquid eggs filled in bag-in-boxes, plastic gallons and tank containers.

Since PROAN manages the whole production cycle, it can ensure utmost efficiency and high hygienic standards, employing an innovation- and excellence-oriented approach.

In 2012, PROAN launched on the Mexican market the Gable Top liquid egg carton (available in 500 g and 1 kg formats) under the brand Huevo San Juan, achieving excellent sales results.

The client's needs

● Meet the growing market demand for cartoned liquid egg

● Offer a safe and healthy product

● Ensure maximum delivery reliability for retail customers

The experience with Galdi

After the purchase, in 2012, of the first filling machine, model RG250UCS, the growing market demand for packaged liquid egg prompted PROAN to install, in 2017, a second packaging machine, this time model RG270UCS, which is specifically designed for liquid eggs.

Production doubled, going from 20-30,000 to 50-60,000 units a day.

In addition to the fillers' reliability, PROAN can also count on the support provided by Galdi's American branch to guarantee its clients delivery performance.


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