Prohuevo Liquid Eggs

From bag-in-box industrial packaging to the filling in Gable Top cartons under its own brand

A highly technological plant dedicated to the liquid egg and a challenge: offering a product of the highest quality

Installed machines


Filling configuration

Filled products

Whole liquid eggs, egg white, yolk

“From a supplier, we expect excellence- in their products as well as in their after-sales service. We were very selective when it came to choosing the equipment for Prohuevo, given that only a good process combined with high-quality machinery would allow us to produce the high-quality products we wished to offer our customers".

Ms. Gabriela Tapia (Executive Vice President)

Our partner: Prohuevo

Prohuevo started its activities in July 2017 with a completely automated plant, dedicated to the transformation of shell eggs into whole liquid eggs, egg whites and yolks. The plant has the capacity to produce over 400 tons of egg products per month and offer more than 20 varieties of liquid and powder products.

The needs of the Company

  • Integrating the packaging of liquid eggs in bag-in-boxes and of powdered eggs in polyethylene bags with packaging in Gable Top under its own brand
  • Ensuring high quality of the product, combining high process standards with a high performance hygienic filler

The experience with Galdi

After a thorough market research, Prohuevo identifies the chance of creating its own liquid egg brand, focusing especially to egg whites for athletes.

The choice of Gable Top arises from the need to offer attractive packaging, in multiple formats and suitable for a long shelf-life.

After a first contact at the International Dairy Show 2013 in Chicago, Prohuevo turns to Galdi for the design of the new plant.

Not having experience in the packaging of Gable Top, Galdi puts the company in touch with Envases Elopak for the pack mat and with SANOVO for the process.

The exchange of know-how continues even after the purchase of the filler and will continue over time for training and after-sales services.


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