Milch-Land Milk

Milch-Land Spezialitäten AG is a Swiss dairy which has changed its packaging from plastic to gable top cartons

Change was necessary to satisfy the growing attention of consumers towards more ecological packaging and for the need, especially for organic products, to provide complete information on the origin and composition of the product.

Installed machine


Filling configuration

Filled products


“The key to happy customers and collaborators lies in choosing the right partner!”

Mr. Ueli Berger

From plastic to Gable Top cartons: Milch-Land AG meets Galdi

A new investment is always a big challenge, especially when choosing to explore a new field, in which perhaps one has little experience.

Everything always starts with an idea”, but the idea and the will to see it through are often not enough on their own.

In order to mitigate or reduce risks or unforeseen circumstances, to assess the feasibility of a project and have a clear implementation strategy and project schedule, to get quick answers and results with optimal use of resources since the very beginning, the support of a specialist is crucial. Moreover, the entire process is even more effective if common values and visions are shared with the selected partner.

These are some of the key points characterising the experience between Galdi and Ueli Berger, manager of Milch-Land Spezialitäten AG, a dairy company operating for more than 20 years in the Emmental region in Switzerland.

The challenge that Mr. Berger chose to undertake was the change of packaging from plastic to cardboard (gable-top), an idea that had long been debated within the company. An ambitious project, linked on the one hand to logistical requirements, and on the other to “ethical” motivations concerning the growing attention of consumers towards more environmentally friendly packaging, together with the need, especially for organic products, to provide comprehensive data on the origin and composition of the product.

We captured this journey in a video, closely following the approach used to tackle the challenge, the results obtained and the testimony of the relationship created with Mr. Berger and his partner Totalbex.

It was an experience of mutual growth, an exchange of expertise that began with the shared project and that will surely lead to future collaboration and developments.


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