21 April 2022

Theoni launches first carton-packaged water in Greece

Thanks to Theoni's commitment to sustainability, the most awarded Greek water in the world is now available in Gable Top cartons too.

With Theoni, Greece has discovered the first water in Gable Top cartons. Inspired by sustainability, the project was developed with the full support of Tesco Food Technology (TFT) and with Galdi's hygiene guarantees.

Following our experiences with Fonte Margherita and MM Spa, we are delighted to share yet another success story.


The Greek market has discovered carton-packaged water too. And we are not talking about any water: the water sourced from the Goura Spring has received as many as 34 International Quality Awards!

This small, sustainable innovation was made possible by Theoni. The Greek mineral water company had been on the lookout for an eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and carbon-neutral pack for its pristine water.

The encounter with TFT was instrumental in turning this project into reality.

Today, Theoni water is packaged into Elopak's innovative TheOne pack - available in 330ml and 500ml sizes - and distributed through premium food service channels and in supermarkets.

For its Gable Top filling line, Theoni installed Galdi's RG50Mini packaging machine, specifically configured for water.


TFT supervised the entire project and relied on Galdi's expertise in the area of Gable Top water packaging.

The filling machine installed at Theoni comes with bespoke solutions designed specifically for water, developed thanks to FILL good's know-how in the area of microbiology, with tests conducted for both selected formats.

Prior to shipping, the Group's in-house start-up also performed all the necessary tasks for hygiene verification:

  • manual cleaning to remove any residues
  • full CIP cycle, including alkaline wash and acid rinse
  • sanitisation of all indirect food contact surfaces, using specific detergents
  • swab tests for critical surfaces

This is just a small sample of the resources with high-added value that Galdi can provide to mineral water companies.

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