13 August 2019

Liquid Egg Packaging in Gable Top Cartons: Prohuevo's Experience

An increasing number of third-party producers of shell eggs or egg-based products decide to expand their business to the retail or food service markets by using Gable Top cartons for liquid egg.

In our decade-long experience in the industry, we have assisted many clients in the transition from Bag-In-Box to Gable Top packaging. Moreover, we have partnered with several shell egg producers, introducing them to the world of carton packaging and to our liquid egg solutions.

But what does the transition to Gable Top entail for our clients?

Today, Gabriela Tapia, Executive Vice President of Grupo Industrial El Granjero, will tell us about the launch of the Prohuevo brand in the B2C market.

In her interview, she will explain the reasons behind the company’s decision to use Gable Top packaging for liquid egg, how the market and the consumers reacted, and how the company pursues excellence.

Gabriela, why did your company decide to implement pasteurised liquid egg packaging solutions?

We started developing Prohuevo in 2012, as we wished to explore a new niche market in Central America that was not yet covered. Our major clients in the industrial sector, such as supermarkets, bakeries and food manufacturers, had no other choice than to import pasteurised egg-based products, both as single products and finished products.

Why did you choose Gable Top instead of other packaging solutions?

Given the great variety of clients and countries we work with, we currently use a wide range of packaging options. Our production line can combine Bag-in-Box solutions for liquid egg-based products and polyethylene bags for powdered egg, thus meeting the requirements of clients with very high production volumes.However, we realised that, to break into the B2C market and meet the demands of end customers, our offer should include an adequately sized, aesthetically appealing packaging solution ensuring a long shelf life: in other words, Gable Top.

Were you concerned about anything in particular during the transition? How did you overcome your worries?

When you start selling in a new market segment, some concern is to be expected. That is why it is of the utmost importance to do a lot of research, seek the suppliers’ advice in order to understand the resources that need to be involved, select an experienced partner, etc.

This phase was a key aspect of our project, which took no less than three years to be implemented.

What is your target, apart from the food service sector?

We mainly sell our Gable Top-packaged liquid egg to athletes, families, the younger generations, and to anyone who has an active lifestyle or needs to eat egg whites as part of a diet.

What are the aspects you leveraged to promote liquid egg consumption?

We enjoy an excellent reputation in our country for the quality of our fresh eggs. Moreover, we have been promoting the benefits of egg consumption for many years now, so we didn’t start from scratch. By differentiating carton-packaged liquid egg from fresh egg, we aimed at stressing its longer shelf life and convenience of use.

What is your best-selling liquid egg product (egg white, yolk, mix)?

Egg white is undisputedly our best-selling product in the B2C segment. There are so many people out there willing to consume egg whites because they are low in calories and a great source of proteins: these include body builders, people who want to keep fit, and families who follow a healthy lifestyle.

How do consumers perceive liquid egg against shell egg, when it comes to choosing one of them on the shelf?

Fresh egg consumers have more than welcomed both our liquid and our powdered products. Many of our customers had already had the chance to see packaged liquid egg when travelling abroad, and were excited to find it in their country, too, especially egg white. They keep eating shell eggs, of course, but the unparalleled convenience of using Gable Top-packaged egg is a great attraction for them.

Did you notice any aversion to consumption due to cultural reasons or some mental block?

Well, some fresh egg consumers were initially reluctant because they thought our products were not 100% egg or that they were processed using additives.

So, from the very beginning, we shared information on composition, trying to make clear that they are 100% fresh egg, with no chemicals. We also strived to introduce the Gable Top solutions as an eco-friendly, safe alternative.

How did you convince the most critical or sceptical consumers?

Actually we did not need to, because the product was an instant success. Only a few consumers were sceptical, particularly on social media, simply because they did not know how liquid or powdered egg is processed. What we did was just being transparent and explaining our processing methods so as to convince people to try it.

Let’s talk about your company. What do you expect from a supplier? What is the added value you look for?

Excellence, in the first place. Both in terms of products and of after-sales services. We selected the equipment for Prohuevo very carefully, given that only by combining efficient processes with cutting-edge packaging machines can we guarantee superior quality to our consumers.

What is a plus for a machine, in addition to the standard function it was designed for?

It should be reliable in everyday operations as well as ensure a long lifecycle. Also, it should be matched to superior after-sales service and customer care. What we are buying is more than just a piece of equipment; we are investing in something that must guarantee excellence and top-quality performance in the long run.

Finally, a personal question. Do you use liquid egg at home? Can you suggest a recipe?

Of course I do. Actually, I am a big fan of egg whites. For breakfast, I usually make omelettes using only egg whites, and stuff them with mushrooms, tomatoes, and ham.

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