28 April 2022

Plant-based drinks in Gable Top cartons with Galdi & FILL good!

Discover Galdi's strategic resources to set up a packaging line for plant-based beverages in Gable Top cartons!

With the volume and variety of plant-based beverages in Gable Top cartons steadily growing year after year, an increasing number of manufacturers are choosing to diversify production, enjoying the benefits of Gable Top cartons over those of aseptic brick packs.

Benefits in terms of higher margins, since the iconic cartons with the "roof on top" and chilled products in general are perceived as “fresh”, premium products by consumers.

Furthermore, the process allows you to handle different volumes with the same machine and a much faster changeover.

Nature Soy, Mona Sojaland and Alpro are just some of the customers we supported in developing packaging solutions for plant-based drinks in Gable Top cartons!

In addition to Galdi's services, our customers have been able to rely on another invaluable resource over the last few years: the support provided by FILL good in the areas of microbiology, food safety and packaging development.


With over 30 years of experience and a company-wide focus on continuous improvement, Galdi can offer all-round support to manufacturers of plant-based drinks considering Gable Top packaging for the first time.

The starting point is sharing Galdi's know-how on packaging, technical solutions and processes.

We are committed to providing strategic advice every step of the way. For instance, by training operators on best practices or assisting customers in the development of a cold chain management and warehouse system.

Along with our experience and consultation services, Galdi offers in-depth knowledge of both products and filling solutions, a complete range of machinery for the entire packaging line and the invaluable support of our in-house start-up FILL good.


FILL good complements our dedicated customer support! To help you get started, Galdi's start-up provides a range of consultation services in the areas of packaging development, microbiology and food safety.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Identify product-specific attributes and manage critical points in the process to prevent any contamination that could lead to product loss or reduced shelf life;
  • Help with HACCP procedures by sharing hygiene best practices to prevent contamination risks in sensitive products such as vegetable drinks, and to ensure optimal management and control of hygiene procedures;
  • Sensory testing to evaluate customer satisfaction with the product inside the carton and detect any off-flavours;
  • Support in the management of microbiological testing services for the product inside the selected carton;
  • Thorough cleaning of the filling machine prior to shipping, including ATP test to confirm compliance with hygiene standards;
  • Support in finding and troubleshooting the cause of any contamination that may occur;
  • Assistance with validation protocols and shelf-life tests;
  • Food safety training, specific for the packaging industry.

Get in touch to discover our references in the area of plant-based drinks in Gable Top cartons or discuss your project with us!