29 August 2019

Dye Test and Perfect Carton Sealing: a How-to Guide

Sealing is an essential operation in carton packaging to prevent leaks and reduce client returns. Find out more!

Sealing is an essential operation in carton packaging to prevent leaks and reduce client returns.

The following video, accompanied by some technical information, explains how to perform this operation in the most accurate manner. The most common way to test package sealing is called Dye Test.

The test is performed using a special solution composed by highly penetrant liquid chemicals. As Galdi technicians recommend, the test should be run every 30 minutes of machine operation both on the bottom and on the top of carton.

Needless to say, the more often the test is run, the lower the risk of leaks and the number of returns will be.


Testing package sealing is easy and requires four steps:

  1. Cartons are prepared by cutting the top and bottom
  2. Dye Test: a coloured penetrant liquid is poured into the cartons and is allowed time to soak into any surface flaws
  3. Cartons are washed with water and dried
  4. Cartons are completely opened and inspected to detect any surface penetrations

The video displays the four steps in detail, as well as a fifth one: Galdi technicians training operators. Indeed, this additional step is essential to transfer our highly specialised know-how and very useful for clients to anticipate and solve any problems in full autonomy.

Testing carton sealing is an extremely important procedure, as product leaks may happen several days after packaging, caused by the product volume exerting pressure on the bottom of cartons.

If the filling machine hasn't sealed the cartons correctly, the liquid may find some cracks on the package surface and therefore leak.

We hope that you will find this short explanation useful, although it represents only a fraction of the know-how we regularly share.

This is our way to be always on your side, offering our best training to ensure your satisfaction.


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