23 September 2020

Food Carton Sealing Issues: from Causes to Solutions

Following our article about advancements in the folding and sealing process made possible by research conducted by Galdi, today we are going take a look at the main causes of problems linked to food carton sealing and their solutions


Given the very limited tolerance margin and high contamination risks involved, Galdi designers have put a great deal of work into this issue, in line with the Hygienic Design philosophy. And their efforts paid off, as shown by the drastic decline in the number of reported problems over the last few years.

In general, leak causes are known (e.g. wrong set-up), but changing paper type can also have an impact on the process. Driven by environmental sustainability concerns, manufacturers tend to reduce cardboard grammage, effectively changing the way paper reacts to the packaging process.

This factor does not affect the efficiency of the machine, but minor set-up changes are needed when switching to a different cardboard type. This ensures performance repeatability over time, avoiding leakage problems in the future.


Within certain limits, a defect in packaging aesthetics has no consequences on carton sealing performance. Nonetheless, the way packaging looks plays a key role in consumer perception and purchasing choices.

A well aligned top, straight edges, no bulging and no scratches: these elements all stand for quality, which is obviously transferred to the product inside.

Granted, many of our customers are perfectionists, but we are too!

Already during our post-installation training, we train operators on how to perform checks on packages and on minimum tolerance levels.


Carton jamming (e.g. in the bottom forming station) causes unforeseen downtimes resulting in financial losses for our customers.

Thanks to tests, analyses and our claim resolution procedure, Galdi designers have been optimizing the machine's ability to ensure constant performance levels in the folding and sealing phase.

The goal is to predict problems. And indeed, our M.a.S.H. (Machine System Health) monitoring system provides a valuable tool to help prevent problems and identify possible causes, both for operators/maintenance staff at the customer's premises and for Galdi's technicians.

If a customer cannot carry out maintenance autonomously, Galdi's Technical Support Service is ready to help with faster troubleshooting and problem solving procedures.

In this case, the TYE (Through Your Eyes) remote assistance system can prove very useful. Through a smartphone or tablet, maintenance operators can show the machine directly to our technicians, who then guide them remotely in fixing the problem.

Find out more about the advancements in food carton folding and sealing systems achieved by Galdi through the years.


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