14 November 2018

RG50 Becomes a Multi-Packaging Filler

Compatibility and flexibility at your disposal!

To this end, we actively collaborate with the world’s leading packaging firms and work in parallel with them.

This allows us to provide effective filling solutions for new generation packages, regardless of their design or carton type. Of course, all credit goes to our planners and testers, who design, try out and test new solutions on a daily basis.


However, our clients also expect us to provide fully flexible solutions. Therefore, in addition to classic Gable Top cartons, our fillers must be able to handle different designs, including asymmetric cartons, one of the novelties introduced in recent years.

Our latest generation fillers, such as the RG270, are already planned to offer this kind of service. Meanwhile, until now our RG50 model could only handle either classic Gable Top cartons (70x70) with a capacity of 1l, 750ml, 500ml and 250ml, or asymmetric cartons in the same four formats.


Thanks to the outstanding collaboration of our planners and testers, our RG50 has turned into a multi-packaging machine and can now manage eight different configurations.

The solution consists of a mechanical kit, conceived as a machine upgrade, which ensures the same filling speed for classic Gable Top packages as well as newly designed ones.

The ongoing exchange between planners and testers led to a tested solution that is also easy to deploy on already installed machines and allows the filling of two different designs.


The kit is also compatible with already installed RG50 fillers. After a simple, quick and tested installation, the machine can easily be used to package the two different formats.

The solution opens up new business opportunities for our clients, enabling them to package classic Gable Top cartons as well as new asymmetric ones with the same machine.

Do you own an RG50 filler? It’s time for an upgrade!


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