25 May 2023

Gable Top cartons for Personal Care products: from PowerPak to new market trends

An increasing number of Personal and Home Care brands are choosing Gable Top carton containers, both as eco-friendly refills and alternative packaging options. Let's see why.

Working with several international brands, Galdi has been testing and developing filling solutions for non-food products for years.

This has enabled us to acquire exclusive Gable Top packaging know-how, especially in the Personal Care and Home Care segments.

For example, we worked with PowerPak to develop paper-based containers for their detergents and fabric softeners, which were rolled out in 2022.

As has already happened in the past with other product categories, Gable Tops are gaining more and more space on the shelf.

They are now being used for products traditionally associated with packaging made from other materials, as companies and consumers alike continuously look for solutions with a smaller environmental impact.

In this article, we share some useful information to learn more about the Gable Top packaging process and the support provided to manufacturers by Galdi and FILL good's microbiology and packaging development specialists.

Gable Top cartons for Personal and Home Care products

Besides PowerPak, several other brands have already introduced Gable Top carton containers either in the form of refills or as an alternative primary packaging - for both

  • Personal Care (shampoos, liquid soaps, deodorants), and
  • Home Care (floor and glass cleaners, detergents) products.

In fact, an ever-increasing number of consumers tend to base their purchasing decision not only on product composition, but also on the type of packaging they come in, assessing their convenience and impact on the environment.

The composition of Gable Top cartons meets consumer expectations, since they:

  • Are composed predominantly of materials from renewable sources (75% FSC certified paper)
  • Have a reduced plastic content (to protect the paper from contact with the product inside)

These features make it a very interesting packaging solution for companies looking for alternatives that can ensure the same packaging performance for these types of products.

Specifically, choosing a paper-based packaging saves a lot of plastic compared to 100% plastic-based containers.

As an eco-friendly refill alternative to pouches, Gable Top cartons offer several practical advantages, namely:

  • Ergonomic, space-saving design
  • Bigger cap for quick refill
  • Greater stability (compared to plastic containers which tend to tip over)

A further feature that makes Gable Top packaging a competitive alternative is the fact that you can handle several different products and volumes with the same filling machine (e.g.: 250ml, 330ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml).

Galdi and FILL good's concentrated know-how

For many years now, Galdi has been studying packaging applications for non-food products, carrying out experimental analyses and specific tests.

Thanks to this approach and the collaboration with customers, the Gable Top packaging know-how we have gained in the field of Personal Care products has led to optimised solutions for specific products.

Given the variety of detergents and different composition formulas, we test each Home and Personal Care product to assess compatibility with the packaging and filling process.

To create an ideal balance between product, container and packaging system, Galdi technicians work closely with FILL good's microbiology and packaging development experts, conducting:

  • Analyses of rheological properties (viscosity, density, foaming)
  • Product/Machine compatibility tests to assess the compatibility of parts that will come into contact with the product
  • Filling tests to assess how the product reacts during the filling process
  • Product/Packaging compatibility tests (stability, shelf life)

Galdi: your project partner

Galdi and FILL good support customers in developing their projects, by providing a range of dedicated services and resources.

As your single point of contact, at Galdi we can guarantee:

  • Complete packaging solutions: from filling systems to end-of-line machinery, including the comprehensive support by our Project Managers and System Integrators to meet your layout and installation requirements.
  • Expert advice: from Gable Top know-how to packaging selection and development.
  • Ongoing research: for the technical and technological development of packaging machines and the analysis of any packaging and product interactions with the packaging systems.

To find out more about Gable Top packaging solutions for Personal Care and Home Care products, please