06 May 2021

Liquid Egg: Relive the Special Event!

Galdi's first digital event dedicated to liquid egg took place on 29 April 2021

The goal was to provide an up-to-date overview of market opportunities, and also to share the latest innovations in carton packaging.

We would like to thank our special guest Sanovo Technology Group and the many participants who asked their questions via the private chat feature.


  • 11 presentations in 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Focus on the global liquid egg market
  • Spotlight on Gable Top cartons, which provide high added value to your packaging
  • Preview of Galdi's new packaging solutions

Did you miss Galdi's event? No problem!

  • Send us an email (info@galdi.it) with a request to watch the full recording of the event. Please include your name and your company's name in your message.
  • Discover the presentations list and see which topics are of interest to you.



Antonella Candiotto - Managing Director

Opening Remarks

Welcome and introduction

Michael Behrendsen - CCO, Vice President, SANOVO Technology Group

Michele Palliotto - Product and Business Manager, Sanovo Technology Italia

Let the processing experts speak: SANOVO

Learning from SANOVO's experience: market insights and processing solutions for liquid egg.

Benedetta Zancan - Packaging Development Manager

Adding value through Gable Top packaging

The characteristics and qualities of Gable Top packaging: added value for liquid egg.

Cristian Ballestrin - Sales Engineer

Gable tops for liquid egg: a story of pioneers

The popularity of Gable Top cartons for liquid egg grows along with new solutions for big and small producers.

Enrico Mandoloni - Sales Engineer

Food service, Ho.Re.Ca, large scale retail: competitiveness and opportunities

Opportunities in the liquid egg industry and a look at the market's most competitive sectors.

Davide Sabbion - Sales Engineer

From shell egg to consumption: Galdi’s Total Solution

From relying on a global network of partners to developing full packaging line systems: Galdi's approach makes the difference.

Andrea Brunello - Sales Engineer

Introducing the RG80: a new generation of solutions

A cutting-edge system, a specific configuration for liquid egg and market requirements.

Ilaria Trento - Food & Microbiology Scientist

Nicola Manente – Technical Designer

Galdi’s hygiene concept put to the test

A stress test to talk about food safety and to test Galdi's hygienic performance.

Giacomo Dori - System Engineer

RG80 Egg Tech: Galdi’s design engineers respond to market requirements

Efficiency, product versatility and a wide range of formats: turning requirements into technical innovation.

Massimiliano Guerra - Automation Engineering Manager

David Pretotto – Technical Communication Manager

RG80 Egg Tech: Human-friendly technologies

Ergonomics, usability and diagnostics: a glance at Galdi's innovations. "The more advanced the machines are, the more they simplify your life".

Claudio Cibinel - After-Sales Support Executive

RG80 Egg Tech: the advantages of our new digital services

Just a click away: lots of after-sales services, including video-assistance and remote performance monitoring solutions.

Contact us at info@galdi.it and ask to watch the complete video of the event.