05 May 2022

[VIDEO] RG280: Raising Standards. Don't Miss the Preview!

On 19 May, we will be releasing a preview of the RG280, our Gable Top packaging machine for delicate and extended shelf life products, which is set to revolutionise market standards

Aseptic-like hygienic performance, simplified user experience and 4.0 diagnostics: the RG280 is the first of a new generation of packaging systems for Gable Top cartons.

On 19 May (from 9.30 AM CEST), we will be presenting the latest updates in a detailed 15-minute video.

Ahead of the video release, watch the backstage!


In the launch video, you will learn about the features and innovations we are introducing with the RG280.

Key colleagues from the development team will walk you through the latest advances.

"Highlights on Superior Hygienic Performance"
Ilaria Trento - Food & Microbiology scientist, FILL good

From the desire to offer tangible guarantees for food safety to the achievement of aseptic-like hygienic standards. A journey through choices and research to ensure superior and consistent hygienic performance levels over time, without forgetting safety and sustainability.

"Smarter machines for a simplified user experience"
Massimiliano Guerra - Automation Engineering Manager

Discovering solutions for a more intuitive and efficient user experience; for operators, maintenance technicians and production managers.

With the advantages of digital native packaging machines: from seamless integration and configuration capabilities to real-time access to our new digital services.

"New technologies for more efficiency and productivity"
Claudio Cibinel - After-Sales Support Executive

From digital innovation to machine learning, new technologies open the way to more guarantees when it comes to production efficiency and stability, predicting downtime and enhanced troubleshooting. The next step is already underway: bespoke maintenance plans and continuous improvement of production operations.

Marco Corazzin, project manager for the RG280
, will moderate the preview video. Marco is going to present the drivers of the project and the new answers Galdi has come up with for manufacturers of delicate and ESL products.

Go to our dedicated page to find out more and stay informed about the video release.