Cascina Italia

Filling machines for food and beverages

Looking to innovate production, Cascina Italia opts for sustainable packaging and a flexible filling machine with top hygienic performance

Production efficiency, seamless integration and format flexibility: find out more about Cascina Italia's experience.

Installed machines

RG80 EGG (2022)

Filling configuration

Filled products

Egg white, egg yolk, whole egg, sugared egg yolk

“We required a packaging machine with Industry 4.0 technologies, and that could be integrated into our systems. We were very impressed with the RG80’s ease of use. And production efficiency is amazing too: we were expecting 95%, but it even gets to 99%!"

Silvia and Ruggero Moretti (CEO's of Cascina Italia)

Our partner: Cascina Italia

Cascina Italia, owned by Gruppo Moretti, is a leading egg processor, supplying both shell eggs to major retailers and egg-based products to renowned food manufacturers.

Italian spirit, attention to raw materials, supply chain control, sustainability and innovation are the aspects that best define the company.


  • Needed an upgrade and wanted an innovative and efficient plant
  • Had been considering Gable Top cartons because they represent both an innovative and sustainable packaging solution
  • Interested in a filling solution that would include the 250g format for the retail market


Before approaching Galdi, Cascina Italia had been packaging liquid egg in 1kg Brik® cartons (with no cap), using an aseptic system that had reached its EOL.

Hence the need to find a replacement.

Cascina Italia purchased the first series model, taking advantage of the benefits of the Beta Site contract, both in terms of investment and services. From the very beginning, Galdi supported the customer with a dedicated team of specialists.

After the initial consultation, which covered broader aspects of the processing plant, such as cleaning cycles and the integration of the filler into the customer's system, our technicians have been able to support the customers remotely, monitoring the RG80's filling performance thanks to the its connectivity capabilities.

While production has just started, we are confident that the RG80 can meet - and exceed - the expectations of Cascina Italia, as the machine was configured to accommodate the following formats:

  • 1,000ml, with and without cap (with barrier paper, specific for liquid egg + with aluminum foil-laminated paper, specific for sugared egg yolk)
  • 500ml, with and without cap (with barrier paper, specific for liquid egg)
  • 250ml, with and without cap (with barrier paper, specific for liquid egg)


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