02 August 2022

Galdi's Green Report is Now Online!

Actions, figures and goals illustrate our commitment to sustainability, employee well-being and community engagement

We are delighted to share Galdi's 2021 Green Report with you!

Get ready for a journey into Galdi's world, exploring the themes of sustainability, employee well-being & community engagement, and discover a whole range of activities carried out by our team!

Numbers, percentages, activities, initiatives: throughout Galdi's Green Report, we take stock of progress made in the previous year, looking at the present time with an eye to the future.

Find out how we performed in 2021!

In addition to connecting with schools, local stakeholders, customers and suppliers, we actively engaged in research and innovation, experiencing sustainability first-hand…

In this Report you will also find more details about the Galdi Village, a place to fill, the new facility dedicated to promoting staff well-being and the development of sustainable ideas!