13 April 2021

Galdi Village: a Place to Fill with Talent

The Galdi Village - a place to fill - was officially inaugurated on March 24th, 2021

The building, located right next to Galdi's production plant in Postioma di Paese (Treviso), will be an innovation hub for Galdi's team, future talents, and the region too.

Along with the implementation of next generation technologies, spaces were designed to enhance quality of life, at work and beyond: a future-proof environment, built with well-being in mind.

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Investing in talent, promoting ideas, fostering discussion: Galdi's strength has always been its team.

It’s a team that keeps growing in numbers and skills, both in Italy and abroad, also thanks to technicians, suppliers and customers around the world constantly working together.

Hence the need for a large and innovative space to build even stronger connections between people and ideas.

This was also an opportunity to take the company's digitalisation and remote work management to a new level, two areas Galdi began investing in several years ago.

At the Galdi Village, this vision translates into spaces for webinars and digital meetings, as well as areas designed to encourage collaboration and inspire creativity.

Because a great idea needs two things: talent and knowledge sharing


Far from being just a technologically advanced facility, the Galdi Village was designed to offer a "quality" work environment.

Offices and conference rooms merge into spaces dedicated to the employees’ mind and body well-being, be it the fitness area, the panoramic terrace or the bistro serving mostly seasonal food.

The building itself was built in compliance with the LEED® protocol, the prestigious US rating system setting the standards for environmental sustainability.

These translate into maximum attention to the environment, but also to the health of those who live and work here every day.

Healthy work in a healthy environment: in order to be productive, you must first be happy


When innovation is your company's key value, it is crucial to create the right environment to encourage discussion and let new ideas grow.

This is how Antonella Candiotto, Galdi's Managing Director, illustrated the concept during the official opening:

“Galdi has a strong focus on innovation. We wanted to create an environment that fosters innovation and creativity, enabling people to break the mould and come up with new ideas"

Galdi's world also inspired the idea behind the building's architectural structure, designed to resemble a Gable Top carton, the packaging used by the machines made by the company.

The upper section of the building, with its smooth and sleek lines, represents the liquid flowing into the square-shaped ground floor, reminiscent of the packaging shape.

An idea to take in new ideas, an innovation to generate new innovations.

Watch the full official opening event:


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