18 March 2020

Global Recycling Day: the Future is Circular

Recycling, recovering, reusing, adapting, converting, upcycling: in the future, these actions, though already important today, will matter even more.

Today, 18 March 2020, we celebrate the third edition of Global Recycling Day, an initiative aimed at increasing awareness about the importance of recycling among the public and institutions across the world.

Galdi, FILL good and Artema Pack share its goals.

Together – citizens, governments, as well as manufacturers of packaging material, filling and packaging machines – we can really reduce the environmental impact of food and non-food packaging, especially in the recycling stage!

In our small way, we try to actively contribute to the development of the circular economy and agree that we need to increase the amount of recycled waste obtained from packaging disposal.

That's because even if carton packaging is one of the most eco-friendly packaging solutions, much can still be done in terms of sustainability!