22 September 2021

Galdi Granted AEO Customs Simplification Status (AEOC)

The authorisation marks another step forward with a view to continuously improve our services. Among other things, it will lead to a simplification of customs procedures, thus benefiting Galdi's customers too

We are very proud to announce that in September 2021 we were granted AEO Customs Simplifications (AEOC) status by Italy's customs authority (in addition to Approved & Registered REX Exporter Status).

The Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) accreditation was issued after Customs officials conducted the relevant audits to verify Galdi's fiscal compliance and financial solvency, along with our knowledge, compliance with and adoption of correct customs procedures.

Having obtained the highest reliability rating ('A'), we will have access to a whole range of benefits that will also bring significant advantages to our customers.

From now on, Galdi will enjoy a more favourable treatment compared with a non-AEO authorised operator, particularly with regard to customs controls (which may be reduced by up to 90%) on imported and exported goods cleared through EU customs.

AEOC Status Benefits

In addition to the obvious advantages for our internal shipping management, with smoother and faster processes and the implementation of a consistent risk assessment strategy, the AEOC status also benefits customers and suppliers.

Thanks to simplified customs operations, we can speed up the process of shipping and receiving goods and further improve the service we offer our customers.

Our dedicated AEO team is made up of people from across the organisation (design engineering, warehouse, procurement, technical office, after sales, administration and IT departments), supported by an external specialist consultant. It is thanks to their hard work that Galdi has gained recognition as a reliable partner in customs matters too.