26 May 2020

Filling Machine Installation: fast, safe and without surprises

Striving for continuous improvement, Galdi has implemented a number of actions over the years, including those to ensure a fast and safe installation of its machines

Thanks to the work done by our staff, installing a filling machine now only takes 2 to 3 days. The same applies to the commissioning phase; only more complex machines require up to 14/16 days.

How did we get to this result? By testing many solutions and, as always, through teamwork!


We have already talked about the optimisation process for the testing of filling machines at our headquarters.

This phase is fundamental to ensure a fast installation "without surprises".

We perform many tests to deliver a ready-to-use and fully tested machine.


Galdi assists the client every step of the way, providing consultation and advice in this phase as well.

Before installation, we share information about the different procedures, focusing on timings and operations.

The goal is to minimise downtimes, while giving clients a clear picture, "reassuring" them about the actions that are going to be performed.


In line with what was agreed with the client, one of Galdi's field service engineers oversees the whole installation process: crate opening, safety operations, assembly, power and water connection, and set-up.

Our supervisor supports the client's dedicated technicians, making sure that each operation is performed in an optimal way. A highly qualified technical expert, with know-how in the mechanical, electrical and programming fields, he is sent from our headquarters or one of Galdi's Service Business Units in the world.


Galdi's staff have worked hard to guarantee only minor and simplified adjustments, building on direct, on-site experience and client feedback.

Our machines are designed to optimise and speed up the set-up process during installation; clear instructions are also included in the documentation provided along with the filling machine.


In accordance with the European Directive on Machinery (2006/42/EC), Galdi invested in maximising the safety of the fillers during the entire life cycle.

For the handling and positioning of the filler in the production area, we established a clear and detailed procedure, included in the installation manual.

The symbols on the shipping crate and on the machine itself, developed with the support of safety consultants, also facilitate the process.

The goal is to guide and "assist" transport and handling operators so that each operation is performed correctly and in safety.


The outstanding research and development work carried out by Galdi designers led to the creation of compact and pre-assembled fillers, which allow for shipping in a single container.

Even for more complex machines, design aims at ensuring simplified and quick assembly, reducing the staff needed to carry out operations.


To avoid problems during the water and power connection phase, Galdi's technicians analyse the plant of destination beforehand.

The documentation provided to the client contains all technical parameters concerning this phase, such as flow rate and water characteristics for chain lubrication or details regarding the electrical part. In this phase, the supervisor sent by Galdi proves invaluable, especially for the connections and the set-up of the cleaning system.

Once again striving for continuous improvement - and thanks to the experience gained over the years - our designers are working to optimise the layout of our filling machines, to make water and electricity connections even more straightforward.

All these solutions contribute to a fast and fully safe installation.

And, of course, Galdi's support continues during the initial phases of production as well, thanks to the training that will enable machine operators and maintenance technicians to work efficiently and autonomously.