24 March 2020

Why choose our MaSH Monitoring System for your Filling Machine?

Our advanced MaSH monitoring system is about to revolutionise the way we understand Galdi's food filling machines and harness their efficiency to the fullest.

But there are 3 further important reasons to start using it right away in your plant.

1 - MaSH system does not report a problem, it predicts it

MaSH collects and analyses data on the filler's efficiency. The goal is to predict downtimes, and not just to report them as a MES system would do.

The system actively intervenes, analysing fillers' performance levels in depth, filtering alerts and sending the most relevant data.

In other words, it allows us to take action before a malfunctioning leads to a downtime alert or to an unexpected breakdown, before the production comes to a halt, with all the consequences that this entails.

This is possible because MaSH was designed specifically for Galdi's packaging machines, taking into consideration the fillers' performance analysis over time and how past claims were resolved.

Thanks to the preMANI kit, which can be integrated into the basic sensor equipment, you can already enhance the monitoring of the filler's efficiency today.

It's an advanced diagnostic system for:

  • transport chains
  • sonotrodes
  • welding processes

More control on the filler's performance translates into more reliability and better performance indexes, benefiting the whole production line!

2 - MaSH ensures savings over time

The system can have a significant impact on the filler's TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) as several factors come into play:

  • Reduction of unexpected downtimes – operators get a better "grasp" of the machines' functioning and alerts, while production managers/maintenance technicians receive notifications, via email or on mobile phones, about any performance losses of the packaging machine.
  • Reduction/elimination of urgent maintenance work - through preventive action, MaSH can detect a component's early wear, facilitating timely intervention beyond scheduled maintenance, without halting production.
  • Customised maintenance contracts: with our PMP (Preventive Maintenance Plan), services are scheduled according to machine operating hours, but in the future, thanks to MaSH, we will be able to customise contracts on the basis of a component's actual wear. MaSH is the gateway to predictive maintenance.

3 - It's an extremely safe platform

When talking about cloud services, the first thing that comes to mind is safety.

Is my data safe? Suppose there's a small virus and who knows where it'll end up...

Here are a few details to "dispel" this concern:

  • The cloud platform is hosted on Amazon's data centres (AWS): their architecture is among the most advanced available, designed to protect information, identities, applications and devices.
  • The infrastructure is encrypted and fully serverless: each service offered by the system (e.g. KPI calculation) is only activated when in use.
  • The full stack software is Linux-based: this open source technology is constantly improved through the support of the world's biggest software developer communities.
  • The machine only sends the data out: it's impossible to access and read it from the outside.

Galdi's technical support team only use the data for:

  • Troubleshooting.
  • Providing the client with advanced diagnostics.
  • Improving the design and configuration of monitored fillers.


If you'd like to try Mash first hand, have a look at the demo! Click the button here below and insert demo@galdi.it to gain access.