10 November 2022

Cyber-proof packaging machinery

Cybersecurity is a very important issue for many of our customers. And for Galdi too. Discover what we do to guarantee safe and up-to-date systems.

For our forward-looking and structured customers, cybersecurity is definitely a hot topic. And for us too!

Along with the introduction of digital native packaging machines and the development of remote support services, we have been working to continuously improve the guarantees offered by our systems in the area of cybersecurity.

We have recently upgraded the infrastructure and software installed on our packaging machines; in addition, we received expert training and collaborate with Italian universities on a number of research projects.

Our goal is to support plant IT managers protect their corporate network with secure and up-to-date solutions.


With the evolution of the MaSH platform and in the light of progress made in monitoring and remote support, we invested a great deal in IT safety and data protection for our customers.

Another step forward was the participation in the VIR2EM project, organized by Veneto's Regional Innovative Network (RIR) IMPROVENET, which brought together local companies and the Universities of Padua, Verona and Venice to collaborate on highly innovative research projects.

One of the projects focused precisely on Galdi's IIOT infrastructure, which was analysed in-depth to check for vulnerabilities and identify areas for improvement.

Software and infrastructure were upgraded, by also enhancing cybersecurity solutions.

Here is a detailed list of actions we implemented to improve our IIoT infrastructure:

  • Software and security updates of the Edge Node data collection device
  • Installation of a diagnostics software to simplify the work of technicians
  • Automatic configuration of the Edge Node data collection device
  • Security update and data flow encryption on the Public Cloud (AWS - Amazon Web Service)
  • Installation of a new Edge Gateway/Firewall device for better connectivity and security control
  • Installation of a mobile interface on the Edge Gateway/Firewall to improve connectivity and facilitate remote support activities by Galdi technicians

Infrastructure and software will be continuously upgraded, with cybersecurity remaining a priority requirement.

Galdi specialists are already working on a new solution that will allow for continuous and automatic software updates.


Cybersecurity requires constantly training and refreshing skills.

In the last year, Galdi's IT specialists participated in a training course held by Secur Bee's cybersecurity experts.

The lessons covered several topics, including:

  • Case studies analysis
  • Transfer of best practices
  • Selection of the most performing tools

The meetings with the Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics of "Ca’ Foscari" University of Venice, which were held within the Vir2em Project, proved very useful too.

Exchanging know-how and discussing applicable solutions was very helpful to enhance and validate the security of Galdi systems.

Training continues, of course, both internally and externally.

For the future, we are considering adding webinars on cybersecurity and other digital topics in the events calendar at our Galdi Village, a place to fill; they will be open to both customers and the public, a format we really like.