03 December 2020

Packaging Machine Training: Online too, but always practical

In times of lockdown, even our food packaging machine training has gone remote

To overcome travel restrictions that come with anti-Covid measures, Galdi has been working on its digital service offering, including:

  • Web Factory Acceptance Tests (Web-FAT): you can watch Factory Acceptance Tests live, relying on the support of an experienced technician.
  • Through Your Eyes (TYE): our IoT remote live video-assistance service, which has been active for a few years now.

We are pleased to inform you that our training for filling machine operators and maintenance staff is now also available online.

Although we are committed to making our machines more reliable and to simplifying maintenance operations, training can really make a difference when it comes to:

  • reducing MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)
  • improving troubleshooting skills
  • reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Furthermore, maintenance and proper testing are the best guarantee for your filling machine to perform at top levels over time. Take, for example, the bottom press springs test:


Though following an established format, the trainings we offer are always bespoke, taking the following into consideration:

  • level of participants' knowledge
  • shifts (operators and maintenance staff)
  • specific topic selected by the customer
  • available languages: English and French

Our Personal Trainer service is very valuable. This is an on-site technical training, with the supervision of a Galdi technician for the desired time.

The guidance of a Galdi expert is critical to:

  • test and optimise machine operations
  • share practical tips with operators and maintenance technicians
  • make sure that procedures are implemented correctly

We believe that on-the-job training is the best training option.

Restrictions permitting, of course.


Galdi's theory and practical training for filling machine operators usually takes 3 to 5 days.

It is always advisable to book a training a few years after installation, if production moves to another facility, and/or for new operators in the orientation stage.

Given the ease of use of our filling machines, a senior operator can train new operators autonomously, but the contribution of an experienced Galdi technician is nonetheless a real added value.

Trainers share valuable information, explaining procedures to ensure that machine operate safely, particularly focusing on the components of hygienic systems in the case of extended shelf life (ESL) products.

At Galdi we hold food safety very dear. This is why we have recently introduced - with the help of FILL good - a new training for operators on hygiene and procedures to prevent contamination.

Just like the training for new operators, this course is available online too.


Although Galdi machines are designed to ensure simplified maintenance, the training of maintenance staff is crucial.

The ultimate goal is for technicians to deal with problems autonomously, implementing maintenance procedures defined in the customer's PMP (Planned Maintenance Programme) correctly.

Post-installation training for maintenance technicians is always tailored to suit the needs of our customers. For instance, should doser or top welding issues arise, we would hold an ad hoc session.

In this video, we show you how to properly assemble the ultrasonic stack, also sharing some troubleshooting tips:

As we aim to expand our services, we are planning to offer our customers new training courses on different stages in the production process, covering for example proper hygiene procedures for milk pasteurisation and liquid egg processing.