09 September 2020

Integrated Design: More Efficient and "Robust" Fillers

In order to comprehend what we mean by integrated design, both the static and dynamic approaches need to be considered.

To understand the first approach, you need to think of a filling machine as a watch, in which components perfectly fit together to ensure precision and efficiency.

Moreover, packaging machines evolve over time. Galdi's research efforts aim at continuous improvement, with several teams working simultaneously to redesign and rethink specific parts or single stations.

Hence the need to have a global vision, resulting in a perfect synergy between ideas, new technical solutions, and people.

The result? More efficient and reliable fillers over time.


In line with Galdi's "integrated design" philosophy, each filling machine is designed and configured according to specific products and closures (easy opening or different cap types). We start from the desired end result, leveraging the synergy between all components to achieve it.

Individual packaging stations complement each other, but are designed as independent modules. For example, if we were to produce a more advanced model for a given station, this could be integrated into the existing machine, without any, or hardly any, changes.

This work is not just about designing mechanical parts, it also involves people. To reach the desired objective, the requirements of each team and individual specialist need to be considered and combined.

And our work doesn't end with researching and testing new solutions, as we also make sure that each progress perfectly integrates with the other parts in the machine.


Thanks to the "integrated design" philosophy, each machine manufactured by Galdi stands out for its "robustness".

This concept is closely linked to the reliability of filling machines over time and also ensures:

  • Repeatability: each filler is designed to function smoothly and without interruptions, maintaining the same performance levels over time
  • Adaptability to production environment: regardless of production site specifics (e.g. humidity), the machine adapts to present conditions
  • Adaptability to any paper type: Galdi packaging machines can handle all kinds of cardboard, regardless of composition (e.g. aluminium foil, EVOH) and manufacturer
  • Multiple formats: our filling machines can handle different formats simultaneously, ensuring fast and safe changeover
  • Interchangeability: as mentioned above, stations are designed as independent modules. This facilitates localized upgrades (i.e. replacement or update to a more recent station)
  • Integration: changes or upgrades in a given station require only a few, or no, changes in the other stations

Ultimately, in order to manufacture more efficient fillers, teamwork is what matters most, both among machine components and Galdi designers!


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