16 March 2023

Exhibition and event on sustainability hosted at Galdi Village

Promoting sustainability is our primary goal at Galdi - today more than ever. With both an exhibition and an event hosted at Galdi Village, local sustainability projects take centre stage!

Since becoming a Benefit Corporation, Galdi's commitment to sustainability has been increasingly more active and concrete.

On Saturday, 4 March, we were delighted to host two initiatives at Galdi Village, a place to fill, both centred around sustainability and the pursuit of a common benefit in our local area.

[EVENT] Sustainability and Common Benefit in Action: Local Stories

Following a 2022 packed with events, Galdi Village, a place to fill has once again proven to be the ideal venue to develop and share ideas!

With the event Sustainability and Common Benefit in Action: Local Stories, we wanted to bring together local stakeholders committed to the shared cause of sustainability.

The goal of the event, which was open to the public, was to put the spotlight on sustainable projects carried out in the area by local companies, schools and municipalities.

This cross-party engagement led to several different initiatives, all sharing the principle of pursuing a common benefit.

It was the promoters themselves who told the audience how these wonderful local projects came into being and about the results that were achieved!

The event was attended by:

  • Katia Uberti, Mayor of Paese
  • Giuseppe Milan, General Director, Confindustria Veneto Est
  • Paolo Girotto, Councillor for the Environment, Paese
  • Alessandro Pettenà, Director, Istituto Comprensivo, Casteller di Paese
  • Sabrina Rodelli, Co-owner and Export Manager, Cantina Pizzolato
  • Fabio Brescacin, President, NaturaSì
  • Antonella Candiotto, President & CEO, Galdi
  • Debora Basei, creative recycling artist, founder of Ricrearti

Mario Paronetto, Sustainable Development Consultant and Coordinator of the Sustainability Group at Confindustria Veneto Est, moderated the event.

[OPENING] Exhibition: Sustainable Eco-Network by Ricrearti

The event coincided with the opening of the third stage of the travelling exhibition Sustainable Eco-Network by Ricrearti. The exhibition is the outcome of a circular economy project by Debora Basei which saw the participation of companies belonging to the Sustainability Group of Confindustria Veneto Est.

14 local businesses provided different materials for the project, which were re-purposed and converted into "artistic, craft and functional objects."

Galdi was delighted to take part in the initiative and supplied materials which were used to create furnishing accessories that are now part of the exhibition.

Renew-ABLE is the name chosen for the third stage of the exhibition now on show at Galdi Village. It is an invitation to look at the future in a new way, operating responsibly, sustainably and transparently towards people, communities, the local area and the environment, in line with the principles of Benefit Corporations.

Before touring to Galdi Village, the exhibition was on show at Veneto Vetro and at Dersut's Coffee Museum.

The exhibition will also be displayed during Sustainability Week, organised by Confindustria Veneto Centro, and at Cantina Pizzolato.

The project has an important social component too, as two local charities working with disadvantaged people - "Associazione il Pesco" (Mogliano Veneto, TV) and "La Piccola Comunità" (Conegliano, TV) - made the prototypes for the exhibition.